Cuisine Royale - Guide to Start Playing

Cuisine Royale is a variation on the battle royale theme, a genre that is depopulating in an almost unexpected way and that often gives rise to the hilarity of those who are convinced that they are also a little exaggerating with all these new battle royale games. Originally it was released as a joke, but now it's downloadable from Steam in Early Access. We can call it a parody of the most famous "colleagues", Fortnite and especially PUBG.

Cuisine Royale - Guide for beginners


For now, the game is free on Steam and is in Early Access.
30 players per round.
Vehicles exist, but they are quite rare and quite slow.
Third person, but can be changed into first person.
You can change your Keybind in a game, but not outside of it.

Cuisine Royale It's free... for now.

Cuisine Royale is currently free until June 25, 2018! Once this free period is over, the game will be made available for a fee, as they will have to be able to pay the server costs. It is worth taking the game now to try it out or at least to have it available in the future. It is currently on Steam, click here to access the page from which you can download it.

Second World War alternative

The game is based on the Enlisted game which is an MMO based on team matches set in World War II. This means that all the weapons come from that era. You can use Thompson, Kar98, AKM 47, Walther and more.

Guide to start playing and controls

You can snap, lean down, lie prone and tilt left or right (keys Q and E). You can activate the first person view with the V key, but you will be at a disadvantage if you don't use the third person (for example, seeing behind walls is easier in the third person).

Instead of jumping from a bus, airship or plane, the game will spaw you into a random area of the map. Start with boxers and a knife, then make sure you run to the nearest house and find weapons and armour.

It's not a huge map and the circle that represents the battle live works like the ones in other titles of the genre.

The pot is your armor, and you can find more powerful ones by wandering around the game map. The objects have a purple outline around the name, it's better than the one you already have. If it's red it means you have the same or better piece of pots already equipped. In addition to pots, you can find other items to cover your body parts, including an iron for... the back.

You can hold two main weapons, a secondary (gun) and a melee weapon. Looking for ammunition can be problematic as there are a lot of weapons but not a ton of ammunition for each specific weapon. You can also equip your primary weapons with a sight.

The guns have to be loaded if you pick them up off the ground. Don't forget to do this or you may find yourself reloading in the middle of a fight.

If you see a refrigerator, be sure to look inside it because it's among the most valuable things you'll find in Cuisine Royale . These are basically like supply drops, they have lots of armor and food inside them. Food is very important, the title of the game makes that clear. Collect everything and once done, the refrigerator will disappear.

You might wonder what kind of health you actually have because it's not displayed by default. When you suffer damage, it will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen next to your resistance meter. By default, you can heal yourself with the T button. This uses one of the various food items you have collected during the game. It will heal you while you move, and you can also use it while driving. This is why it is always advisable to empty the refrigerators.

You'll start to see bags of various sizes: small, medium and large. These determine how much you can carry in terms of ammunition, food and sights. When you start seeing items highlighted in red, it means you have too many things. You can leave items you no longer want with the I button. Likewise, you can take the loot you find on the ground.

One interesting thing about this game is that there are two unique object slots that give you buff. There are the slippers that allow you to jump higher, or the speed knee brace that increases regeneration and sprint speed, but reduces your stamina!

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