Cube Escape: Arles Complete Guide and Tips for de Game

Cube Escape is a series of puzzle/graphic adventure games developed by Rusty Lake. Born as free flash games to play with your PC, they have had a huge success so much that they have seen the creation of versions for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The various episodes of Cube Escape are characterized by a surreal and bizarre atmosphere. Solving the proposed puzzles is not easy because often the logic is completely distorted by the surreal context of the game. With this complete solution of all the episodes of Cube Escape we want to make your life simpler, preventing you from getting too much brain twisted.

Solution Cube Escape: Arles

Here we are in the third episode of Cube Escape, you will find yourself in 1888 and you will have to check the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh in his home in Arles, France. The game will take place in the painter's bedroom, depicted in several paintings. You will also find some references to Van Gogh's life and art, and another famous painter will also make an appearance in the game.

First, observe the painting attached to the wall. Notice anything strange? Click on the bottom right corner to reveal a key clue that will help you continue. Keep an eye on the drawings as well, they will help us later on. Now look at the back of the painting. You will then find a piece of the painting, which will enter our inventory.

As a second thing, click on your bed and pick up your hat. This is not the end of it: raise the pillow by clicking it to collect a bottle of absinthe and another clue.

Now focus on the coat rack. See those three raincoats? Shake all 3 of them. A key will fall out once you click them all.

Go now to the window to reveal a known painting of the painter. Have you noticed anything? Pick up the key that fell at the bottom right of the window. Still by the window, concentrate now on the small table. Collect the water jug and brush and open the drawer to obtain a brush.

Now look to your left. Do you see a painting with no subject there completely empty? If you come closer, Van Gogh's face will appear, just as in his most famous self-portrait. First collect another piece of the painting that you will complete at the end of the episode. Once you have done this, click on Van Gogh's face: you will see his eyes move first to the left, then to the right and then to the center.

Move away from the painting now and go to the right side of the room. Two more fragments of the painting are waiting to be collected, one at the foot of the chair, the other stuck behind the rag. Observe this last one: you will notice a further clue.

Turn right: you will notice two vases with flowers. Pick up one more fragment and the sugar cube. If you look down, you will notice a cupboard with a lock: use the key you picked up just now to open it and reveal the inside. Then collect the bottle of wine that you will find.

Focus on the table now, where you will find an absinthe spoon and another fragment of a painting. Do you see a strange white spot? Use the brush to scratch it off and reveal the letter g.

Now it's time to prepare some absinthe. Place the absinthe spoon and the sugar cube on top of the absinthe glass on the coffee table. Now pour the absinthe from the bottle you have collected inside the glass and drink it. At this point touch the sugar cube several times to turn it into a fragment of the painting.

If ye have done all things rightly, you should have gathered all the fragments that are necessary to complete the two paintings which are on the side of your bed. Click on the first to get a golden key and on the second to get a sunflower.

Take the latter and put it inside the empty jar next to the one filled with sunflowers. Click on the latter to make the flowers smaller and enlarge the one on the right. Once this is done, a small key will appear from the vase: pick it up and use it to open the small sideboard under the vase. This will reveal a knife that you can pick up.

Now go to the door next to the chair and use the golden key to open it: you will reveal a funny Paul Gauguin. Do you notice anything missing? Take the hat from your inventory and place it on the painter's head. Then you shall see a palette fall down which you may collect. Do so, and close the door.

Take the palette and place it next to the painting next to the bed. Remember all the clues you collected? They will help you now to know how to paint the shapes on the painting. You will find the light blue on the door, and the question mark will indicate a cube instead: paint it black to get a black cube.

Go back to the closed door and place the newly collected cube: you will notice that it is only half of another puzzle. Then go back to Van Gogh's self-portrait, give him the knife and have his ear cut off. Pick it up and put it in the cup on the coffee table.

So look again at the lines drawn on the paintings of the bottles: the first painting will tell you what is contained in the various bottles (from left to right: wine, water, absinthe), the second will tell you what to pour into the jug, glasses and bottles on the table (always in order: wine, absinthe, water, wine, absinthe).

Then enter the ear canal: you will find a gun on the floor, pick it up. Then continue through the tunnel in front of you until you find a blue door and a black door.

Observe the black one: it will reveal to you that the eardrum weighs one pound and the gavel weighs 3 pounds. Then weigh all the elements of the ear to find out their weight (left to right: 1, 4, 5, 8). Use the values you found as a code to unlock the door.

Once inside you'll find a shadow of Van Gogh: give him the gun and make him shoot himself on the temple. A white cube will appear in its place: collect it, it will be the last missing piece to finish the game.

Come out of your ear and head towards the door and place the cube next to the black cube: you will have thus finished the third episode of Cube Escape.

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