Crazy Taxi - Sega Dreamcast cheats and codes

Crazy Taxi it's a driving simulation video game developed in 1999 first as an arcade and then converted in 2000 for Sega Dreamcast.

The following year, in 2001, it was also converted for Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2, as well as for Microsoft Windows. In more recent times it has also come out a nice conversion for devices with iOS operating system. The purpose of Crazy Taxi, a video game set in San Francisco, is to carry one passenger at a time in your own yellow taxi shiny, to earn as many dollars as possible.
The protagonists of the game are the taxi drivers Axel, BD Joe, Gena and Gus, while each passenger is indicated with the dollar symbol, a symbol that takes on a different color based on the wealth of the passenger and the distance to the destination. The colors vary from red to very dark green, but we also find orange, yellow and lighter green. The time starts from 35 seconds and increases for each person transported, up to a maximum of 70.

Fun is guaranteed!

L + R + START on port A when the Driver Select screen is loading.

Press the START + B keys on door C during the game, at any time.

L + R, L + R, L + R, and A in the Driver Select screen, on port A or C makes no difference.

You must have a standard controller plugged into port C and a standard controller plugged into port A in order to execute these codes.

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