Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire - Tips and Tricks

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The job of the driver in today's urban jungle is not at all simple, but don't worry! Today we are here to reveal a few tricks to Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire fans, while giving some advice to less experienced players. There's a lot to discover to be successful in this game, so buckle up and let's go!

The perfect car

Each driver has his own favourite car and assigning it to that car will be more productive. Do not overlook this aspect because you will regret it, you can get great bonuses by using this component. This advice of course applies especially to the advanced stages of the game in which you'll have many drivers.

Running Gearbox

There's one thing to keep in mind in the game: after assigning a car to a driver you can't make any changes in the race. This usually leads the most inexperienced players to make big mistakes initially so be careful, it is also possible that things will change with future updates.

Unlock all drivers

There are two ways to get all the drivers:

Scratch tickets: tickets that you get by watching advertisements and leveling up, you often have to wait a while before you can use them.

Milestones: Improving the level of individual drivers will not only make them more productive, but you will also get rewards that will often be just new drivers.

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