Countdown Vampires PS1 cheats

Countdown Vampires it's a videogame Resident Evil-style survival horror developed for Sony PlayStation by K2 LLC and published by Bandai instead.

The game differs from other survival horror for the fact that the enemies are not zombies, but vampires. The gameplay, however, remains very similar to that of the first titles in the Resident Evil series, indeed with good reason we could almost talk about a sort of clone. There are however some additions such as the second weapon, one dart gun used to sedate enemies, which can then be sprinkled with holy water to recover humanity.
The fact of not only having to kill enemies encourages the player to use various game techniques, so as to "save" their enemies. As the game progresses, more and more monstrous and dangerous enemies appear in Countdown Vampires, such as giant mutant frogs and purple blobs. On these enemies the dart gun does not work and is totally useless. The game's protagonist, Keith, is a detective from the local police homicide squad, who must save the city from the vampire invasion that threatens the few survivors.

Get killed by Geils to witness a different ending.

Depending on the type of blood you select at the beginning of the game, the difficulty of the same will vary.

Type "Prince" as the first name and "Darkness" as the second to use Vampire Keith with only a power gauntlet and some special moves.

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