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Big Fish Games, a studio specializing in the creation of management titles, has launched Cooking Craze , a new game based on the world of cooking that could lead you to madness in the long run. Things to do, as per tradition, become more and more complex as time goes by and, service after service, you find yourself having to manage hordes of hungry customers. Don't worry though! We are here to reveal a few tricks and give you some advice to facilitate the service. Ready? Here we go!

Go ahead

The first thing to do is to go ahead with the preparations: try to have more dishes ready before the order arrives, in this way you will be very fast and eliminate dead times. Always replace the ingredients used and be very careful with the cooking... burnt food is of no use to you! Of course, in the first levels it will be easy to do this, while afterwards you will have to memorize many more recipes.

New restaurants

By playing and facing new challenges you'll unlock new restaurants: from the gameplay point of view nothing will change, but you'll get new ingredients and processing tools. The advice, in this case, is to complete all the levels in the old restaurant in the best possible way before jumping on the new one, otherwise you'll have much more trouble getting back on your feet.

Strategy is everything

Going forward in the game you'll unlock more and more options and have the possibility to update certain ingredients. The advice, in this case, is to focus on the most trivial ingredients right away ... it makes no sense to invest initially in something that you would only use in a few preparations. In this way you can easily maximize your profits.

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