Contra NES cheats and codes

Contra, which in Europe is also known by the name of Probotector, it's a video game published by the software house Konami in 1987, first as an arcade and then for various platforms, including the NES.

The player controls a soldier, a commando to be precise, who must defeat hordes of enemies not only humans but also mutants, robots and aliens. In Contra you can also play in two at the same time, with the cooperative mode that is extremely fun and well balanced. 
After enjoying great public success in arcades, Konami's video game arrived in 1988 for Nintendo. However, due to the strong censorship in Europe, contra was published (and with it its sequels) with a modified plot and characters and with a title, Probotector precisely, different from the one originally thought.


The game is recognized by many as one of the most difficult not only for the NES console but also in general. Also for this reason i tricks that you find below will certainly help you.

In the menu screen, press the following keys: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START.

In the menu screen, press the following buttons: press A and B while holding START to access the sound test.

In a single-player game, hold DOWN on controller 1 and press UP on controller 2.

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