Contra III: The Alien Wars SNES cheats and codes

Contra III: The Alien Wars, was published in Japan (with the title of Contra Spirits) and in PAL version (with the name Super Probotector: Alien Rebels) in 1992 by Konami, for the console Super Nintendo.

Also playable in 2 player mode, Contra III is universally regarded as one of the best titles for SNES and is still highly sought after by collectors today. Set in the year 2636, Contra III has a “classic” plot: aliens have invaded the planet and plan to exterminate mankind.
There are some subtle differences between the Japanese and US versions, but the game is still very beautiful, extremely playable and very addictive. Contra III doesn't have an extreme difficulty level, but if you need it tricks, passwords and codes, below you will find what you were looking for.


About halfway through 3rd level, where ships take turns throwing bombs and soldiers, stand at the left end of the screen and aim the gun to the right (you need a Turbo controller for this code). Shoot right and let the game run, then leave, come back after about 30 minutes and you will find 30 lives available.

During a game, press and hold Start + Select.

To get the secret gun, make sure the mode is Normal or Hard, then play normally up to sixth level. When you reach the final Boss, turn around and shoot when it has a shape that resembles a hedgehog. The Boss will drop many bombs and guns: place yourself under him and wait until he releases the "M" pistol, the Mini Gun.

Contra III The Alien Wars - Konami


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