Conan Exiles - Slaves Guide: How to Catch and Tame Them

To succeed at Hyboria and have a better chance of surviving, you'll have to become a sort of entrepreneur. Your enterprise? Slavery. It's not exactly a politically correct game, but in a game like this, the characters don't get into a lot of trouble. If you want some useful general advice on how to survive in exiled lands, read our guide Tricks and Advice on Survival. To find out how to become the slave lord, read the following.

By capturing NPCs, breaking their will and putting them to work for you, you can create a workforce of merchants and soldiers. These Slaves are invaluable for creating better weapons, clothes and tools or improving your attack and defense skills. There is a diverse system for Slavery in Conan Exiles , ranging from races to the roles slaves fulfill.

Capturing a slave

Capturing a slave is simple enough. Start by creating a truncheon. To do so, take some skin, collect sticks and twine and create the blunt weapon in your hiding place. Why is it important to use the truncheon and not another tool to stun the slaves? Simple, using anything other than the truncheon will cause the NPC to die and your efforts will have been in vain. We want the slave alive, of course.

The advice is to hit the NPC from a distance with an arrow or two, in non-vital parts, then approach and stun it using the truncheon. After knocking him out, approach and press 'E'. From here you can drag your new "friend" onto the wheel of pain.

Break their will

The Wheel of Pain is the other essential element in creating your slave team. You'll need to collect iron, stone and wood to create this tool that serves to break the will of your enemies and make them allies. As with other crafting benches, you'll need "fuel" to run the Wheel of Pain. It is the slaves who are the fuel. They must be in strength to make it turn, so they must be fed.

Combine a vegetable fiber and a seed to create the gruel that will feed your slaves while they are in the Wheel of Pain. Although you can make gruel without any particular problems, any type of meat is also acceptable to feed the Wheel of Pain. With gruel, however, you save time. As you progress through the game, you'll be able to create bigger and bigger wheels and therefore you'll be able to subject more slaves at the same time.

Slave specializations

The slaves will be of different ethnicities and will have various roles. You will be able to see what specialization NPC produces thanks to what it carries, for example a sword or a crossbow. You can see their ethnicity in the name tag above the character, as well as their role and level. Capturing a craftsman of a certain ethnicity will help you get to know his tribe and their weapons and armor.

There are 10 ethnic slaves occupying Hyboria.

  • Cimmerian
  • Darfari
  • Hyborian
  • Hyrkanian
  • Kushita
  • Nordheimer
  • Scemesh
  • Stygian
  • Zamorian
  • Zingarian

Each specific role will give you a different bonus. Let's see what these specialties are.

  • Archer: use bows or crossbows and guard a specific area
  • Combatant: Sometimes he will fight with a weapon and protect a specific area
  • Armorer: Place it near an armor counter and unlock the Armorer bonus.
  • Blacksmith: Place it at a blacksmith's counter and unlock the Blacksmith bonus.
  • Carpenter: Place it at a carpenter's counter and unlock the Carpenter bonus
  • Cook: Place it near the campfire, cauldrons or bonfires and unlock the Cook bonus.
  • Furnace worker: Place him at the furnace and unlock the Smelter bonus.
  • Tanner: dressmaker, place it at the corresponding counter and unlock the Tanner bonus.
  • Supervisor: To be placed at the wheel of pain to unlock the Thralling Bonus
  • Priest: there are priests for each religion, place them near their respective shrines to get a bonus and use them as intermediaries to summon the avatar of your deity.
  • Entertainer: removes corruption and provides a health regeneration buffer

Slave levels

There are four different levels of Slaves, each level provides a buffer to the counter where they are placed. The fourth level is made up of characters specifically called

  • Level I will speed up your crafting by 10%.
  • Level II reduces crafting costs by 25%.
  • Level III is slightly faster than level II. Some will give additional recipes for their ethnicity when placed in a crafting station.
  • Named slaves reduce crafting costs by 50% and increase the speed of crafting by about 50%. They will provide additional recipes when placed in a crafting station.

Now you know almost everything there is to know about slaves in Conan Exiles . Make good use of it.

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