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Final Fantasy VII Remake revisit all the boss battles in the game, making them more complicated and interesting. This time it's up to Reno, the Deputy Chief of the Turks. Let's see how to beat it.


Reno is the deputy chief of the Turks that you will meet in the church of Sector 7. This enemy uses a baton with an electrified tip that allows him to electrocute enemies in battle.

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Boss stats

Reno attacks

Strategy for Reno

Reno will face you in a fight to the white weapon, so you will have to think about defending yourself and attacking at the right time.

We advise you to counterattack whenever possible using the modality Punisher, avoiding the blows of the electrified stick.

Almost halfway through the fight, Reno will start throwing at you Mine EM, which will hit you with electric shocks, immobilizing you for a few moments and making you an easy target.

As soon as you see him throw mines, you will have to move away and hit them with spells or physical attacks (only if they are not charged with electricity), or you will find yourself immobilized in a short time.

In the final stages of the clash, Reno will try to hit you at close range using floating EM mines. Try to keep the right distance and counterattack as many times as you can to end the fight without problems.

If you have any problems, we advise you to level up the party before facing the boss.

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