Compatibility: 10 Xbox 360 Games to Play on Xbox One

The path taken by Microsoft is now clear: to offer a platform capable of breaking down the time barriers imposed by the gaming generations. It is in fact a product that honors the memory of the past with a retro-compatibility extended to the Xbox "Classic" and to the future with pioneering services and a great push on the digital side. Phil Spencer himself has recently expressed himself in defence of retrocompatibility as a means of preserving videogame art over time.

In any case, the aim of this guide is to advise you on some of the best retro-compatible games which, to all intents and purposes, greatly enrich the catalogue of titles on Xbox One . Wherever you want to find them, know that they work both in digital and physical format (after downloading a small "patch").


Catherine is one of the most fascinating games of Japanese matrix landed the last generation on Xbox 360 . The Atlus style shines through in every frame of the game and it's a title that, besides being playfully very good, also pushes to strong reflections. Catherine is a melting pot of genres and themes well blended together: we have a gameplay made of challenging and pressing puzzle-platformer sections, horror and sentimental themes, reflections on the sense of responsibility and fine cutscenes in exquisite anime key. The choices in the game will affect the ending of an adventure that's definitely worth making up for!

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a title that now needs no introduction. It is (along with Demon Souls) a work that has given birth to a whole new genre and has now become a timeless classic. Logically it is a title not free from defects but, the mysterious and fascinating atmosphere and the masochistic and magnetic gameplay made of trial & error, reflexes and planning, make Dark Souls one of the must play titles of the last gen. Having the opportunity to play the whole saga on a single console is a dream come true.

Dead Space

Dead Space is a real masterpiece. In particular, the first two sci-fi survival horror titles from Visceral Games are titles that have given a lot to this genre and have been able to give me some of the most genuine hours of anxiety of my life. I still remember that it was said at the time of the first one's release that many players were so worried and terrified that they couldn't play for more than half an hour in a row. Do you feel brave enough to deny the rumors and prove otherwise? What are you waiting for then, the whole saga of Dead Space is available in backwards compatibility and also on EA Access!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a title that carried a great legacy on its shoulders. The first Deus Ex, in fact, is still considered by many as the best RPG ever made. Human Revolution is a game different from its ancestor but that was still able to fascinate with exquisite cyberpunk environments and a well-designed gameplay between shooting and stealth. Considering that on One you have the opportunity to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, why not recover this great title from the last gen and better understand the story of Adam Jensen?

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is one of the most fascinating Western RPGs ever made. The dark fantasy hues and its interesting combat system (also enjoyable pad in hand) have accompanied me for countless hours of gameplay. The story, the characters, the settings, the customization... Everything about this role-playing game deserves an honorable mention. The game system and the slow pace of this title does not go well with modern times, but let escape this masterpiece by Bioware is to stop! Also available, along with its DLC and the second chapter on EA Access!

Fable: Anniversary (compatible Full Series)

Fable is one of the most fascinating IPs ever landed on Microsoft's home consoles. The first, legendary chapter in this saga was one of the games that prompted me to buy an Xbox almost a lifetime ago. The naive and dreamy streak of the Lionhead Studios title has bewitched millions of gamers with an adventure halfway between fairytale and epic. The IP is temporarily frozen after the cancellation of Fable Legends, but there's no guarantee a new chapter won't be released in a couple of years. Meanwhile, when in doubt, we replay the trilogy!

Gears of War 3 (compatible Full Series)

I will not use blunt terms, the Gears of War saga is undoubtedly my favorite exclusive IP of Microsoft home. The first Gears of War was the title that most surprised me from a graphic point of view for its remarkable detachment with the rest of the titles of that era on consoles. The adrenaline that this game can convey, both in single player and multiplayer, I've rarely found in other titles. For those who played only the excellent, fourth installment, recovering the Marcus Fenix trilogy is a moral obligation. All three chapters (including the spin-off Judgement) are backwards compatible, but chapter 3 is without doubt one of the most enjoyable to this day.

Mass Effect (compatible Full Series)

Although as I said above Gears of War is my favourite exclusive from the last generation, it should be noted that the first Mass Effect is probably my favourite game in the absolute sense. The first installment of the Bioware saga offered a magical, mysterious and magnificent world. Mass Effect embraced numerous themes, dealt with fantasy politics, offered delicate moral choices and offered a ticket to one of the most beautiful space opera ever made . The title is available, along with the rest of the saga and the respective DLCs, also on EA Access. Are you still here reading and not on Normandy with Captain Shepard!?

Red Dead Redemption

2018 is now approaching and with it the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. The adventure of the legendary John Marston is one of the most precious pearls of the last generation of consoles and having it available and not playing with it is a video game crime. This is a title that, beyond the story and the script of excellent workmanship, offers an audiovisual sector and gameplay that are still valid today. In addition, the " Xbox One version" offers significant improvements over the 360 experience giving the player a stable and granitic frame rate.

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings

The Witcher 3 is without doubt one of the most appreciated titles of the current gen. The guys at CD Project Red have managed to make a magnificent trilogy capable of giving countless hours of play. The Witcher 2 has managed to land, something almost unthinkable given the hardware, the last gen on Xbox 360 . Thanks to the backwards compatibility of Xbox One you'll have the chance to discover the past of Geralt of Rivia and live a fantastic experience. In some ways, for replayability, impact of decisions on history and a wise and intriguing characterization of the antagonists even many consider it superior to the third chapter. Don't you believe it? Try it yourself!

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