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Battle of Pro Evolution Soccer and Fifa The new titles of the most awaited sports sagas in videogames have already been released and this time they come with quite remarkable novelties. The main doubt that concerns us is whether it is more worth a video game or another, the eternal rivalry between lovers of Pro Evolution Soccer or Fifa and is that we have to bear in mind that they offer different gameplay and that we are dealing with video games, although with the same theme, with different approaches. In Spain we could say that it had always been Pro territory. Moreover, for many players the best memories come from a Pro Evolution Soccer 2006, but since the saga left the second Playstation was decaying among players and is that the reign in Spain began Fifa.

Licenses of the sagas

One thing to emphasise and which can be seen at a glance are the licences for the fields and the equipment. We have to take into account that Fifa has the licenses of the main teams of the world that play in the premiere league, series A or the League, while in PES it has been possible to recreate, by means of an agreement, faithfully the field of FC Barcelona and its players, being its main claim given the realism of their faces. Also point out that it has the license of the UEFA Champions League and others such as the Argentine League.

New graphics engine at Fifa

The novelties of this Fifa 17 this year will be above all the change of graphic engine: we move to Frostbite, a graphic engine very well received by the community and that will increase the realism of the look of the players, plus for the first time we will have a history mode in which we will be a boy who wants to be a star of the English league. In addition, we will continue to have the Ultimate Team where we can compete in tournaments with the creation of our own templates. In the section of movements and animations each player will be endowed with more personality.

Improved PES

PES 17, against him, it is true that he uses the same graphic engine that they already had with PES 16, but this time improved and it is that the level of realism of the faces is very noticeable; in that aspect we could say that it surpasses Fifa, although only a little. We also have the legendary mode similar to "The Way" that we already had accustomed to, in addition to the Master League mode in manage mode, this time more agile.

Artificial intelligence

Something that must be pointed out and that happens in these two installments is the deficiency in some cases of artificial intelligence and, although it can be said that Fifa has improved the movement of the characters that we do not control and that we "read" the plays that we are going to make and that PES has improved the aerial game by auctions and the intelligence of the goalkeepers, we must comment that we are still in a section to improve in future editions.

Conclusions of the battle

As a conclusion we could say that the battle, this year, after consecutive ones, is won again by Fifa 17 for the realism of the new graphic engine and its licenses. Pro Evolution Soccer 17 has improved again and is closer to its main competitor but EA has had more budget. Even so, it has improved in all aspects over the past year and if you want a lighter and more arcade gaming experience, it is certainly a highly recommended video game. However, as a game in its entirety valuing each of the different points that comprise it, Fifa has won again.

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