College Slam SNES Cheats

College Slam is a collegiate basketball video game released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System da Acclaim. The game was also converted for Game Boy, Sega Genesis and Saturn, Sony PlayStation and PC.

In the game you will find many of the Division I college teams, although certain teams such as the University of Tennessee, University of Notre Dame and Mississippi State University are not present. The player can choose between the season, the various tournaments or alternatively a single game. Although some industry magazines have accused College Slam of being a sort of revival of NBA Jam, the game achieved good success, mainly thanks to its spectacularity and the ability to perform amazing shots and actions. There are timeouts, a mid-match break and the possibility of player substitutions.
If a player scores two baskets in a row, the commentator warns the audience that the basketball player is warming up, while at the third consecutive basket a "He's on fire!" Will be heard, indicating how the player will score baskets more easily, thanks to a special fiery ball. In the “Season” mode you can choose one of the 44 teams present, while in that “Tournament” there are 16 teams, all vying for the conquest of the national championship. Teams and players can be edited and customized as desired.

Press Y, Y, Y, A, A, A at the "Tonight's Match-up" screen - Easier 3-point shots
Press A, DOWN, A, RIGHT while in the Match-Up menu - Maximum power
Press LEFT, A, B, B, Y at the "Tonight's Match-up" screen - Fast hands
At the title screen, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT - Secret teams
At the "Tonight's Match-up" screen, press A, A, A, B, B, B - Percentage of shots
At the "VS" screen, press DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP - Super dunks

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