COD Black Ops 4: Specialists Guide | Weapons and Skills

Black Ops 4 offers a slight twist on the proven multiplayer formula that has accompanied us in recent years. The game is moving towards the mechanics of hero shooters, with a number of distinct Specialists each with their own skills and equipment. Each Black Ops 4 specialist forces the player to tackle the battlefield differently, with some suitable for close combat and others opting for a more gadget-based style of combat.

In this Guide to Black Ops 4 Specialists, we will describe in detail each of the ten specialists to choose from. We will track their skills, equipment and the best weapons to carry at all times to make the most of the selected specialist.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 | Specialists Guide

There are ten Specialists to choose from in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 each offering a unique set of skills and equipment. It's worth taking a look at what each specialist has at their disposal, as choosing the right one for your style of play can be a real recipe for success. All ten Black Ops 4 specialists are listed below, along with brief descriptions of their equipment.

All Specialists | Best Weapons and Skills

Below is a complete list of Specialists Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with the best equipment for each of them.


  • Special Equipment: Grapple Gun - Allows the player to engage and quickly reach nearby positions.
  • Special Weapon: Grav Slam - A kinetic device that delivers a lethal explosive beam around the point of impact.


  • Special Equipment: Tac Deploy - Lighthouse that can be deployed on the field to give your teammates the opportunity to redeploy to the surrounding area.
  • Special Weapon: Annihilator - A large caliber revolver that fires devastating bullets with increased penetration.


  • Special Equipment: Reactor Core - Emits a harmful radiation field that hurts enemies and reduces their maximum health for some time and prevents them from healing.
  • Special Weapon: Purifier - Flame Thrower that shoots a constant stream of flames, enemies at close range will become red-hot.


  • Special Equipment: Grenade Cluster - Powerful explosive grenade that attaches to surfaces and releases additional ammunition after detonation.
  • Special Weapon: War Machine - High explosiveness grenade launcher.


  • Special Equipment: Sensor Dart - reveals enemies in the vicinity.
  • Special Weapon: Vision Pulse - Analyze the map to reveal all enemies for you and your teammates.


  • Special Equipment: Razor Wire - Wire that damages and slows down enemies trying to cross it.
  • Special Weapon: Barricade - reinforced cover to protect yourself during the achievement of objectives. Made up of microwaves, it slows down and damages enemies.


  • Special Equipment: Assault Pack - Distributes ammunition that provides bonus points to take down enemies.
  • Special Weapon: TAK-5 - cures and increases maximum health for the player and his team.


  • Special Equipment: 9-Bang - A tactical flashing and stun grenade. Can also initiate multiple detonations.
  • Special Weapon: Ballistic Shield - Durable defensive shield with built-in automatic gun.


  • Special Equipment: Mesh Mine - Booby traps that connect to create deadly wires that damage enemies who touch them.
  • Special Weapon: K9 Unit - Attack dog to which you can give orders to follow or patrol a designated position.


  • Special Equipment: Seeker Shock Mine - An deployable tactical mine that hunts enemies and damages them with temporary paralysis.
  • Special Weapon: Tempest - A tactical rifle that fires electrically charged rounds to neutralize enemies and any teammates in their vicinity.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 | Specialists' Missions

Instead of a real single player campaign, Treyarch has added a mission for each of the specialists. We don't know much about these missions yet, except that they will help to replenish each character's story and background. What we do know is that each of these missions will highlight the skills and equipment of each Specialist and that there will be stories shared between some characters.

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