COC: Get Unlimited Gems & Resources Without Generators

Free Clash of Clans Gems tricks and endless resources are the most desired tricks for IOS and Android players, but you have to be careful and find tricks for the game that really worked. Clash of Clans is a completely free title available for both iOS and Android as well as in its version for Windows PC systems.

UPDATE 2 MAY 2017: Our update of June 15, 2016 with the link at the end of the article that shows you the clash of clans tricks to get free gems in a free and legal way is still the best trick available on the web. We confirm that google search results for the call "clash of clans tricks" return before and after our article almost all results with gem generators and resources, where to continue you need to enter your mobile number. This mobile number is not inserted only for a human verification, as it is said in these sites, but it is inserted to collect the number and activate subscriptions or do profiled marketing. In any case as you know in 2017 "don't write your mobile phone number online" is the new "don't accept candy from strangers" even if you are dying for clash of clans tricks. In the meantime we also created another article that shows how to get free gems legitly, and explains a trick to collect trophies and collect as many as 450 gems. The black elixir is also really important for the game so don't miss it by following this guide that we've created for you: in addition to extracting it with drilling techniques near the source you can get lots more quickly enough to defeat enemies quickly, reach trophies and gems and not need those clash of clans tricks that force you to leave your number around the web!

UPDATE 15 JUNE 2016: There are no really working Clash of Clans tricks to get free gems or free resources in Clash of Clans. We know very well that many guys who search on the web are attracted by sites with nice graphics, where you can choose how many gems to get, put the username and wait ... until they start a sort of TEST to complete the operation. They are scams, because even if you complete and download there will never be a chance to get these gems. Unfortunately we all have to get over it after having tested so many of these sites and without ever coming out with anything other than an unwanted subscription on your mobile phone. All the sites you find on google before us, or after us with this system are sites that are untrue, that cheat the user. Whether you have IOS or Android so don't be fooled by these sites! The best way to get gems is to act intelligently within the game. In Clash of Clans you will be called to develop a village by using resources such as wood, gold, elixir and black elixir. These resources, indispensable for climbing the rankings, can be recovered through the attack on other villages. In addition to this there is another resource, bonus: the gems that can be earned through the completion of missions or in various other ways or, to make things easier and have them immediately available, through the in-game purchase with real money. Gems allow you to reach your goals faster and it is therefore essential to have large quantities of them. In our article on how to get free gems we show you how to optimize your game so you can easily get lots of gems, legally and above all for FREE!

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