City Mania Town Building: Tricks, Secrets and Game Tips

City Mania takes us back pretotemente in the meanders of the city construction with a game by Gameloft and that is winning players thanks to the graphics, gameplay mechanics not trivial but fast, and mania to look for tricks and strategies for a game that certainly has much to say. the game for some may look like Sim City but has its own lightness (on the phone weighs much less) and more immediate mechanics. We have played and found some game tricks that we want to share with you, because we are sure that City Mania Town Building will be very successful.
In City Mania in fact there are many things to consider, some variables that make the game very personal, but fortunately we have found for you some rules, tips and tricks if you want them to be valid for all players and all circumstances! All that remains is to see together the best strategies for City Mania: Town Builing Game!

Build as much as I can

The easiest way to unlock new things in City Mania and to develop a city with a large population is to build buildings. Houses available for housing, which you can build almost anytime. As you build and level up, the type of houses you can build increases and you can choose between different structures to build. As you move forward it becomes more difficult to both build and develop an existing structure because your requirements become many and varied. For this reason you should place them all together as soon as they are available, and then advance them one by one as you are ready.

Attention to services

Services are the most important thing for the citizens of the world and those of City Mania are clearly no exception! It is very important that everyone is happy and has everything they need to be able to meet their basic needs. If you want to keep the population calm and you want everything to go smoothly, it is very important that all the houses are reached by electricity, water, plants. If this is not the case, you can build parks, gardens and everything else in your possession.

Expand with criterion

When you expand your town, just click on the "lot" next door to see the price, buy it and expand. But keep an eye on the costs: we advise you until you become rich to buy the cheapest possible land. This makes it much easier for you to expand.

Move and Destroy Buildings

It is not necessarily that moving and destroying buildings is always harmful: especially at the beginning of the game you will not yet have clear (unless you are experienced architects inside) a geography of the city. It is very likely that during the development of the same buildings need to be moved or even demolished to make room for something else. The city of City Mania is always in turmoil! You only need to demolish it by keeping your finger pressed on the building in question and from here open the menu of available actions

Octmizing production

The advice we give you is to concentrate your production on what you need to upgrade your buildings. You will need to concentrate your production efforts especially on the materials you need first of all to be able to progress in the game! Another general tip is to leave the long productions to be done while you are not logged in the game, so that when you log in again you will find the productions ready to be collected.


From level 13 you'll have access to a very important feature of City Mania: Town Buinding Game; it's the ability to merge two buildings together and get a really impressive result that will allow you to grow your city much faster while saving valuable space!

We'll leave you with a video teaser that shows you broadly how the game is made and come back and visit us again because the guide will be updated as soon as we discover new things!

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