Chrono Trigger SNES cheats and codes

Chrono Trigger is a beautiful role-playing video game (RPG) published for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1995, first in Japan and later in North America.

When it was released, in 1995 precisely, Chrono Trigger could boast some unusual features for the time: it boasted multiple endings, a very high level graphics and a variable plot depending on the choices made by the player (an idea already seen in F but better shot from this great video game).
The references to mythological characters and the Bible are countless and its playability is so high that critics and fans consider it (rightly, we add), one of the most beautiful video games not only for SNES but of all time. Its quotation on the second-hand market is very high, in line with its beauty. Not easy to finish, Chrono Trigger requires a good deal of patience, unless you know a few tricks quite useful.

To challenge Lavos right away, start a new game. Make sure you have the most powerful paraphernalia and, in the fair of the Year 1000, head to the wrong telepod, which will take you straight to Lavos. If you do this with Marle on your team it will be easier to defeat him. Once you beat Lavos, you will have access to the secret area of ​​the Chrono Trigger staff and, if you talk to everyone, you can watch the secret ending.

Silver points are very useful for two reasons: they allow you to get the Chrono Clone and, at the beginning of the game, they earn you enough money to get Excalibur.

When you are in prison after kidnapping Marle, wait 3 days before escaping. From the execution room, turn right, go up and continue until you reach a cell with a hole in the wall: exit this hole and go down the wall, continuing until you see another entrance. Explore this room until you find a black hole in the room. Go down by pressing button A: here you will find many treasures.

Chrono Trigger - SNES

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