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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which many gamers simply call GTA Vice City, is a video game developed by Rockstar North and released in 2002 by Rockstar Games to PC and Sony PS2.

Precisely for Sony PlayStation 2 GTA Vice City has set a Guinness Book of World Records record, since it has become the best-selling game for PlayStation 2 with over 9 million copies sold in December 2003, a figure that over the years, albeit slightly, has grown further. The story is set in 1986 in Vice City: Tommy Vercetti, of the Forelli mafia gang, is released from prison after 15 years. He had been accused of aiding and abetting in the Harwood massacre of July 17, 1971, in which Tommy appeared to be the winner but which saw him end up in handcuffs on the same day as the massacre.
As for depth of play and gameplay Grand Theft Auto: Vice City made huge steps forward compared to the titles of the same series that appeared in previous years, especially compared to Grand Theft Auto III. Also compared to GTA III, the graphics engine was lighter and more performing, which together with a truly out of the ordinary longevity make GTA Vice City one of the most popular titles among those published over the years by Rockstar Games.


While playing, type in any of these tricks.
MIAMITRAFFIC - Aggressive drivers
NUTTERTOOLS - All heavy weapons
THUGTOOLS All - All small arms
IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK - All cars are black
AHAIRDRESSERSCAR - All cars are pink
GREENLIGHT - All cars are green
BIGBANG - Makes nearby cars explode
SEAWAYS - You can ride on water
ASPIRINE - Full energy
CHICKSWITHGUNS - The women are armed with guns
DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS Makes - Tommy is fatter
CERTAINDEATH - smoke a cigarette
NOBODYLIKESME - Pedestrians hate you
ILOOKLIKEHILARY - Play as Hilary King
MYSONISALAWYER - Play as Ken Rosenberg
LOOKLIKELANCE - Play as Lance Vance
FOXYLITTLETHING - Play as Mercedes
ONEARMEDBANDIT - Play as Phil Cassidy
PANZER - It makes a rhino appear
CATSANDDOGS - Thunderstorm
ALOVELYDAY - Sunny day

GTA Vice City


Frequently asked questions and answers

How to have all the weapons in GTA Vice City?

GTA: Vice City > Weapons. Weapons can be found in Ammu-Nation stores, scattered around the city or next to the opponents you kill.

How to activate tank in Vice City?

Tank: Circle, circle, L1, circle by 3, L1, L2, R1, triangle, circle, triangle.14 nov two thousand and twelve.

How to have infinite life in GTA Vice City ps2?

You must press right, right, left, up, L1, L2, left, up, up, down, right. Life: You must press R1, R2, L1, OR, left, down, right, up, left, left, down, right, up.

How to earn easy money in Vice City?

Watchman missions.goods.endurance races.less profitable ways to get money.17 nov two thousand and twenty.

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