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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is the new game of the creators of Cut The Rope that is beginning to be popular on the App Store and Google Play. The game is basically a clash of robots built by you. Remember Robot wars? It was a British TV show that we watched for a while: basically it's that kind of game. You build your own vehicles and send them into an arena to fight against opponents from all over the world. The game has an online mode called Championship where you can challenge players from all over the world. There is no shortage of gems such as app purchases, boxes to open and the inevitable energy that will end up on the most beautiful! The ingredients for a successful game are really all there.

The aim of the game is to continuously build and assemble vehicles to send into battle, using the new pieces that you will get in boxes every few hours, or pieces that you will get by betting, or even pieces that will be given to you by sponsors. Each piece gives an aerodynamic shape, attack and defense weapons possible to the vehicle. As soon as you're done assembling, start your series of fights by continuously improving your vehicle (or remaking a new one) until you climb the world rankings!

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Game modes

There are basically two ways. The first is Championship and is the button at the bottom left of the item "Scrap" . This is the closest thing to a progression in history that the game has: you'll be put in a room with 14 other players who are at the same league level as you. You can choose to fight individual players belonging to your group and earn medals every time you get a win. The six players with the most medals after two days will move on to the next stage of the Championship. The second mode allows you to advance immediately by choosing the "Scrap" option in the lower right corner of the Championship page and defeat all 14 players in a continuous fight that only ends at the first defeat. If you are able to defeat all 14 of your opponents consecutively with the Scrap entry, you will immediately move on to the next phase of the league without waiting two days and without being between medals. N.B. In phases 1- 2 and 3 it is not necessary to defeat all 14 players in order to advance, a series of 5 wins is enough. From phase 4 it becomes obligatory to defeat all 14 roommates in order to advance.

CATS - Championship Mode: Strategy and Tricks to Win

What you will play in CATS is a championship divided by category. You can start by choosing an opponent at random by pressing the "scrap" button or choose him from the list in the championship screen. Here are some tips you should follow to be more effective right away:

- Don't leave the game with the unfinished robot: even if you're not online your Robot will still be challenged. So never leave it half assembled or unable to defend itself. Always leave him with at least an assembled weapon and a discreet defense. So you can earn a few extra coins and when you return to the game have a nice surprise.

- Try to challenge players who are online, you might catch them while they are still building their robot and find it defenseless. When you go to the league screen you will see all the names of the players in your group. Next to some of them there will be the words "online" indicating that those players are now inside the game. It's possible that they're modifying their robot at that very moment and since the game updates the status of the robot every few minutes, it's possible that you'll catch him right in the middle of the modification, with no defenses or unbalanced equipment! It doesn't hurt to try!

- Test new assemblies: every few hours you will be given a box with new parts inside. This box is timed, meaning that it only opens after a certain number of hours at least if you don't decide to invest your gem cats. When you finish a new assembly of your vehicle you will surely need to test it. Don't test it right away in scrap mode which will make you lose ranking in case you have miscalculated, but test it by choosing an opponent from championship mode.

CATS - Betting: Guide and Tips for Guessing the Winner

Also very interesting is the betting mode: looking at how two robots are going to fight you'll have to bet on the one who will most likely win the fight. To participate in the bet you have to bet a piece of your construction elements: a wheel, a rocket, a drill, etc.. If you win this will be increased by the percentage you see in the bet, if you lose, alas you will lose the piece. You can recover it using a diamond, but in this game diamonds are a rare commodity so use them sparingly. Tips for betting mode: watch the vehicles well. What equipment they have, whether they are subject to being overturned by the vehicle they have against and what walking speed they have. Unfortunately this betting mode can be played better when you have known the game for a while. To recognize the type of equipment that mount the two robots and then to make a realistic prediction you must have chewed a few hours of play, have seen some battles between you and the other competitors and above all you must know what are the pieces that have the robots that are going to collide otherwise your prediction of victory will not be realistic. The percentage you see near each vehicle, however, can help you: when you place a bet you will have the screenshot as in the picture below. The percentage you see +6% and +10% is the value by which the piece you bet will be enhanced. It is clear that the higher the value, the less likely that vehicle will have to win. In this specific case it goes without saying that the vehicle that gives you 6% power-up has a better chance of winning than the vehicle that gives you 10%. The picture below:

Assemble Robots - Tips and Tricks

- First of all don' t make robots with weapons that are too high: against low vehicles you will shoot and empty and you won't be able to hit them.
- Do not make vehicles unbalanced with weight: if you assemble everything in the back of the vehicle, it goes without saying that when you put it into battle it will overturn itself. The first thing to respect in fact is the logic of the assembly and the pieces to put together.
- Undoubtedly a firearm (like rockets) shoots from a distance so it gives you an advantage in terms of the time you go to hit your opponent. However, the blades, if properly upgraded, inflict a truly remarkable amount of damage.
- Learn from the one who defeated you: in every race you lose you will immediately understand the reason for the defeat: less health, less energy, or an aerodynamics of the vehicle that "screwed" you, or even the weapons of the opponent much more effective than yours. Take a cue from each defeat to upgrade your vehicle, make it better and make sure it doesn't lose to that type of opponent.
- Initially to quickly rankare the advice is to upgrade 1 missile-like weapon and place it on a structure as solid and low as possible: you will not be overturned, do more damage and optimize your chances of victory
- CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars RECOMMENDED ASSEMBLY - A set - up that worked very well was a static set-up: we didn't use wheels and waited for the opponent to come to us. The static set-up was anti-overturning, with two positions for weapons in the "Titan" and "Rock" type structure. If you add a health bonus it wouldn't be bad. Waiting for the opponent and starting to shoot him already from a distance and with the "repellent" module in front we got a very good percentage of victory. The important thing is to upgrade your attack weapon as much as possible! Try to believe, here below the photo of the vehicle:

How do you get Turbo stars on crash Arena PC?

If you already have NoxPlayer on PC, click "Download APK", then drag and drop the file to the emulator to install.

1.      Download and install NoxPlayer.

2.      Search and download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars to NoxPlayer.

3.      Click to play CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.


What is the best build in cats?

You may need to tweak them a little here and there to suit your needs, but these builds generally yielded multiple wins for us.

·       Car #1 – Titan Blade.

·       Car #2 – Boulder Forklift Blade.

·       Car #3 – Surfer Stinger.

·       Car #4 – Sneaky Stinger.

·       Car #5 – Classic Rocket.


How do you fuse Cat parts?

While keeping this window open, scroll your inventory until you find the unused part that you are ready to spare. Drag it into the window with the part you want to upgrade and fuse both parts. This will boost the characteristics of the upgraded part. The unused part will be destroyed.

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