Cat Quest 2 - Review of the Nintendo Switch version

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Cat Quest 2 is a nice indie title that stars a cat and a dog who will have to work together to restore peace to their kingdom.

We have already had the pleasure of trying and reviewing it PC version of the game, but today we are going to analyze the Nintendo Switch version.

Cats and dogs on an adventure

Right from the start we will be faced with a title of the mold action RPG which, thanks to its graphic style extremely marked by cartoon traits, manages to attract the attention of young and old.

The gameplay takes place on a two-dimensional plane and turns out to be extremely immediate and simple, in fact, it will be enough for us to learn a few buttons to be able to dive into the adventure.

During the various phases of the game we will be able to attack with the equipped weapon, dodge and use spells. While such an immediate title is certainly suitable for a console like Nintendo Switch, the risk of boredom given by the repetitiveness is around the corner.

This is because throughout the adventure the game situations they will repeat themselves often and the feeling of deja vu is constant.

Nevertheless, the game is all in all entertaining and to be interesting thanks to the good amount of dungeons scattered around the game map.

At any time it is possible change character to switch from cat to dog and vice versa, so as to be able to use and exploit different equipment.

Basically, the character you are not using will be controlled by the (unintelligent) AI, but you will also have the option to play with a friend in a cooperative.

A perfect port from a technical point of view

Cat Quest 2 proves to be an excellent game for Nintendo Switch, as it is possible at any time take advantage of the joy-con to be able to play together.

Furthermore, the use of single joy-con is not in the least problematic thanks to the aforementioned extreme simplicity of the gameplay.

Even from a technical point of view the game does not look bad in any way and the fluidity of the PC version remains substantially unchanged here too.

In both portable and docked modes, the game manages to keep the stable framerate and there are no obvious problems from this point of view.

The title is very short and it won't take long to complete it, even considering the various additional freely explorable dungeons that will extend the experience just by a few hours.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a simple game to play with a friend, Cat Quest 2 is definitely for you, being able to take full advantage of the portability of Nintendo Switch.

The title definitely is also suitable for the little ones and it could be great for playing in the company of less experienced players.

The Nintendo Switch version is definitely recommended and approved.

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