Castlevania: Symphony of the Night PS1 cheats and codes

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the thirteenth video game of the Castlevania series, the sequel to Akumajō Dracula X Chi no Rondo. Symphony of the Night was released in 1997 for PlayStation and in 1998 for Sega Saturn (Japan only), this version that boasts some additional content.

The Story of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is set in the year 1797, 5 years after the events narrated in Chi no Rondo. In the prologue of the videogame you relive the ending of the previous game, where you take on the role of Richter Belmont during the final battle with Dracula. The vampire count seems defeated once and for all, with his castle reduced to a pile of rubble. After 4 years, Richter seems to vanish into thin air but suddenly reappears, safe and sound, together with the castle, of which he claims to be the new owner. 
With Symphony of the Night the passage of the game style of the series takes place: in fact, if before the games were based on a classic platform videogame style (excluding the second chapter), now action RPG elements. The levels of the game are connected to each other and no longer in sequence, so that the player can eventually retrace his steps. Time limitations also disappear, resulting in extensive exploration of locations.


When you start a new game, there is a small door near the castle door that closes. Richter appears to be the only character who can slip in, using Hellfire magic (UP, DOWN, LEFT, SQUARE) or simply diving inside the door before it closes.

You can perform special moves with some of the swords if you hit the right key combination. For example, with the Alucard Sword, press DOWN, DOWN-FORWARD, FORWARD and finally ATTACK to launch a teleport attack.

After completing the game once, start a new game and enter AXEARMOR as the name. You will find a beautiful new armor in your inventory.

Put the Castlevania CD in any CD player. Play song 2 and you will hear a special song.

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