Castlevania - Season XNUMX Review

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Animated series based on video games do not always turn out to be of good quality, we have seen in recent years several experiments that are anything but decent.

Fortunately in the case of Castlevania the problem does not arise, the brilliant mind of Warren Ellis has managed to bring to Netflix an animated series worthy of the name it bears.

Mainly based on the events of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, released in 1992 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (i.e. the much-loved NES).

Don't know the title or have you never played it? You can easily retrieve it thanks to Castlevania Anniversary Collection, which includes many other titles in the series, among others.

The first and second seasons were very interesting, the last appearance of Trevor Belmont saw him engaged against the demonic hordes led by Vlad Dracula Tepes and from the cruel vampire of the Syria: Carmilla.

Still Demons in sight

Despite the count's departure Dracula, the life of Alucard now seems to have become hollow and monotonous, or at least this is what makes the character shine through from the first episode of this third season.

In turn, Trevor e la magician Sypha Belnades they are engaged in wandering and wiping out all the demons that roam the Wallachia. To intrigue the two adventurers there is a village, where strange events are happening.

A cult has begun to rant about hell, and everything that goes around it. All this only after the village was attacked by demons and one of them took refuge inside the church of the Speakers, subjugating their mind and spirit in some way.

We also learn that Carmilla she is still determined to conquer humanity and for this she relies on her three sisters, heading to her native place.

In this story arc we will get to know many new characters, but at the same time old faces like that of Hector e Isaac, both humans belonging to Dracula's armies as well as master blacksmiths.

In this third season we don't have as big a fight as the previous one, but the narrative focuses mainly on studying the demons and laying the foundations for a great and immense fourth season, which promises to be much more violent than those seen so far.

Despite the anomalous pace, the ten episodes are all interesting and allow us to fully explore some elements and aspects that we had never had the opportunity to explore. The key element for these ten episodes is definitely the occult, the focal point of this new season.

We're just sorry that Alucard in this season he has played a very marginal role, engaged in training two young people whose narrative aspect does not reach a decisive and important point for narrative purposes, relegating those events almost to filler episodes.

Vampires who excel

We have some positive notes regarding Carmilla, who seems to hold a candle to Vlad (aka Dracula), thanks to her cunning and temperament.

What the young vampire wants to fulfill is to take over the reins of evil and lead her lineage to conquer new territories, managing to conquer what Vlad Dracula Tepese has left unfinished.

The three sisters of Carmilla they all have peculiarities, but the one that struck us the most is Lenore, also because it had a lot more space in the ten episodes and played a key role in the main narrative.

The design of the vampire sisters is well defined and cared for, they all have a unique style and character. We hope that the other sisters can be deepened with a fourth season, because it would be a shame to waste characters with such potential.

An applause is mandatory for the animations present in this series, all of great quality and which enhance the then excited moments of the episodes.

As you well know, the series has been dubbed in Italian, the two most important and talented voices are those of Francesco Orlando (Trevor Belmont) and of Paola Della Easter (Sypha Belnades).

The third season of Castlevania it does not depart from its main focus, which is to be a story that tells how hunters are looking for a way to defeat evil.

Despite this, we appreciate the new narrative turn that has been taken by the showrunner, especially for the way the story is told, trying not to focus on just one character.

We had the pleasure of following the story of Trevor and Sypha, but at the same time that of Isaac, engaged in his personal research, trying to give the right importance to every present and past character of the animated series.

Final Comment

Despite the second season it could already mark the end of this animated series dedicated to Castlevania, the third lays the foundations for a new narrative arc, which promises to be much more violent and gory, but above all interesting.

For the moment we feel obliged to promote this new season and we hope that the next one can fill any doubts left open.

We recommend the vision to all those who have enjoyed the first two seasons, or for those who want to know what happened to them Trevor and his travel companion.

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