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Castlevania, known in Japan as Akuma jō Dracula, is the first video game belonging to the homonymous series produced and developed by Konami.

Castlevania came published in 1986 for NES and, in this first episode set in 1691, he immediately saw the presence of the protagonist Simon Belmont, an experienced and skilled vampire hunter. Armed with the mythical Whip Vampire Killer Vampire Killer owned by the Belmont clan for generations, Simon faces hordes of dark enemies led by Count Dracula. Castlevania was first released only in Japan on floppy disk for Famicom Disk System, an expansion available only in the Rising Sun, only to be converted in 1987 for Western NES, obviously in cartridge format.
A difficult game, for which tips and tricks they are never enough. Perhaps not the most beautiful chapter of the saga - in the following years there have been better episodes in terms of gameplay and complexity - but still the father of all Castlevania. And if you are a huge fan of the saga, then get caught this ad hoc modified Super Nintendo Entertainment System just for all Castlevania fans.

in the title screen, scroll through the demo twice and, when it appears for the third time, press START.

To unlock HARD mode, beat the game in normal mode.

If you hit the candle in Stage 2, the one that drops a bag with coins worth 700 points, at which point you can go down the adjacent stairs. Return to the previous screen and hit the candle for an additional 700 points. You can repeat the operation as many times as you like and collect extra lives (every 30.000 points).



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