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Canis Canem Edit, which in the North American market is known as bully, is a GTA-style open world adventure video game developed by Rockstar Vancouver published for Sony PlayStation 2 in 2006.

The European version carries this title which is nothing more than the Latin motto of the school in which the game is set. Canis Canem Edit, in Latin, means "Dog eat dog", certainly less explicit than Bully, a clear reference to school bullying. The protagonist of the game is the fifteen-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, a young rebel, whose mother after the fifth marriage thinks well to enroll her son at Bullworth Academy.

This private school in New England is run by gangs of thugs, undaunted by Principal Crabblesnitch.
Jimmy wants at all costs to become the boss of the school and, between fights, vandalism and first love crushes, begins his adventure in the educational institution. The gameplay is not that dissimilar to that of GTA (Grand Theft Auto), with cars being supplanted by bicycles and skateboards. The weapons at our disposal? Slingshots, of course, but also eggs, wooden planks, water balloons and potato shooters.

Grab a bouquet of flowers and wait until you see the school bullies. If you give flowers to one of them, you will have the chance to kiss him (this will give you as much energy as kissing a girl).

Connect a second controller and press the following keys while holding L1: UP, UP, UP, UP to get all weapons.

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