Call of Duty Mobile How to get the nuclear Bomb or Nuke

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Call of Duty Mobile is one of the killer apps of the moment, able to bring one of the most beloved multiplayer ever on our mobile devices. As all the hardcore players will surely have noticed, the weapon roster is definitely vast and well-fed; however, there is one weapon that could literally turn the tide of a confrontation, delivering victory: the nuclear bomb.

Although this nuclear device does not directly award you the victory, it will guarantee you a considerable number of points that will probably allow you to reach a position of strength with respect to the opposing team.

At this point, the question arises: how do we get the nuclear bomb? All you have to do is read the following lines to find out the answer.

Call of Duty Mobile: How do you unlock the nuclear bomb?

Dropping the atomic bomb could give you victory.

Like all the "final weapons" of a video game, unlocking them will not be an easy and immediate task. To be able to use the atomic bomb in Call of Duty Mobile, you'll have to prove your skills; what we've said now will result in the fulfilment of two fundamental conditions.

The first condition is that, in fact, you will have to unlock the ability that allows you to use the nuclear device. In this respect, do not worry too much, as you will get the necessary skill to reach level 20 in the game.

The second condition, however, is decidedly more difficult, and only the best, experienced and lucky players will succeed. Once you get the skill in question, you will have to make, in a match, an uninterrupted sequence of 20 kills. To achieve the feat, of course, you won't have to die, otherwise the counter will reset and you will have to start all over again from the beginning.

Be careful: you will have to make twenty consecutive kills and, for the purposes of counting, will not be considered the "assists" to the kills of other players in your team, nor the kills made with drones or other gadgets that will make available to Call of Duty Mobile you. This means that you will have to kill 20 enemies using only the weapons present in the game.

How to use the nuclear bomb in Call of Duty Mobile

If the two conditions are met, you can drop the bomb.

Once you have achieved this skill, and after you have achieved the chain of 20 kills, you will see a button on the screen of your mobile device that says "Drop the Nuclear Bomb", as soon as you press it, the bomb will be dropped, and all members of the opposing team will be wiped off the game map.

As said in the opening, the atomic bomb will not end the game, directly awarding you the victory, but it will award a lot of points to you and your team, and you will get very close to the final victory.

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