Call of Duty Mobile - How to Find & kill Cerberus Boss

A wolf wrapped in flames stalk the players in the Battle Royale map of Call of Duty: Mobile. As the zombie boss hidden in Black Ops 4: Blackout, Call of Duty: Mobile has its monster that you can defeat to get a rare loot. This flaming wolf is called a wolf in flames. Hellhound but is better known by the name of Cerberus.

The Cerberus has broken free and is now hunting players in the Battle Royale map of the mobile version of CoD, available on iOS and Android. If you're not careful, it can be a tough battle because players are often caught off guard. Cerberus can easily eliminate an entire team by himself.

In this guide we will give you some tips on how to manage the boss fight, providing all the information you need: how to locate Cerberus and how to kill him.

How to find your location

Cerberus is a huge boss of Call of Duty: Mobile that is randomly generated on the map. To find him you need to have a good eye and refer to the map, in fact on it you have to look for a red dot. That is the exact position of the boss, which will appear when the player approaches to check the red dot.

Approaching the red dot, Cerberus will be generated. It could pop out of the ground and attack in flames. Cerberus attacks mainly by charging forward and biting players. It can also use an explosive AOE attack.

Strategy to kill Cerberus

The best strategy is to Be the bait. Come closer and don't hit him immediately, but let him chase you. Cerberus will hunt you, so try to keep a safe distance, but do not lose sight of him. You can only stop firing when he loads his AOE attack. During the chase, the rest of the team will have to do the bulk.

While you are being chased, the rest of the team can hit Cerberus from a distance that allows them to do damage. After a few minutes, Cerberus should fall to the ground dead.

Killing this boss brings down a bunch of high-end looters. It's one of the best loot sources on the map, so don't be afraid to make a bad end, the game is worth the candle. After a bit of practice (you can repeat the operation as many times as you want until you kill it), Cerberus is easy to manage with a tight-knit team.

Note: Other players may become the real danger. When you are busy getting Cerberus to chase you, another group of opposing players may ambush you. Try to make sure the area is clear to execute the strategy described above.

Once killed Cerberus, following the strategy of the bait that we have described, the boss will release a very valuable loot, among the richest and most useful in the game. Killing Cerberus is a great satisfaction and is rewarded very well.

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