Call of Duty: Mobile - Earn Credits Without Real Money

How to earn free credits in Call of Duty Mobile | Credits are your main asset if you decide to play F2P in Call of Duty: Mobile, although it will take some time and patience to earn enough to afford all the content available in the game.

The first source of credit earnings is real money, but don't worry, there are many other ways to earn credits in the game without spending money in the real world through microtransactions. In this guide, you can find all the available methods to earn Credits for free, a very important currency within the game world.

There are two types of currencies in Call of Duty: Mobile: credits and COD points. Credits can be earned by completing tasks, but COD points can only be purchased. Luckily, you can buy almost anything with credits: loot boxes, weapon upgrades and even tokens. You can play and have fun with Call of Duty: Mobile credits only.

Call of Duty Mobile includes the purchase with real money of Credits, the currency that allows you to buy items such as weapons and upgrades. As is usual with free to play titles, for substantial improvements, a real money outlay is required, but this system can be bypassed. There are, in fact, some methods to get credits without spending real money with microtransactions.

How to download Call of Duty Mobile | CoD Mobile is available on iOS and Android. access to -> Google Play | App Store.

How to earn credits in F2P | CoD: Mobile

Credits are the main resource that you can get in Call of Duty: Mobile. With credits you can buy new weapons, weapon upgrades, tokens to change the name or even take a chance with a loot box. The advice, however, is not to spend credits for the coffers, it is much better to save this money for weapons and their upgrades. On the other hand, we are on Call of Duty.

There are five main ways to earn credits in Call of Duty: Mobile. To make the most of your chances in accessing the title, the advice is to complete at least 2 daily and 5 weekly activities each day, level up, demolish items you don't want in your inventory and watch the ads or participate in promotions to get small but quick credit bonuses.

Below, you'll find the five ways to get free credits. It will take some time before you can unlock the desired weapons and upgrades, but it's always better than spending real money on microtransactions. Getting Free Credits is possible, less quick to put your hand to your wallet, but if you have the patience and perseverance to play a lot, you can unlock not bad upgrades.

How to earn free credits

  • Get Daily Access Rewards [500 per week].
  • Complete daily / weekly activities
  • Level up in the free Battle Pass to earn more [4,000 in Total].
  • Demolish unwanted items in your inventory as you leftover
  • Watch ads / promotions to earn any extras you might need

The higher your level, the more opportunities you have to earn credits. It may take a long time before you earn the top Violet items, the rarest ones, more or less eight weeks, but you can unlock the best things, even if you're an F2Player and don't want to spend real money.

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