Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Specialist Guide !

In Call of Duty: Balck Ops 2, specialties are special skills that provide advantages in the field. Some are very circumstantial and only useful in some goal-oriented modes, while others are much more general and useful to increase performance.

We thought of making this simple guide because Specialties provide skills that no accessory, weapon or piece of equipment can guarantee, often are fundamental in any configuration. Choosing Specialties should be one of the first steps in creating a new class.


Increase the speed of movement by 7%. Removes fall damage

Although the improvement in speed is slight, it is noticeable in light machine gun or shotgun configurations, especially when combined with Over The Limit. This Specialty will prove particularly useful when you're in Flag Capture mode, and reaching the area where you place the bomb in demolition or Search and Destroy. The effects of light in combat are mild and kimited in direct firefights. Lightweight eliminates fall damage, making many jumps safer, and making it less damaging to jump out of a window or overhang.

Hides from UAVs during movement, placement or deactivation of explosives or control of the Point Series.

This Specialty is particularly effective for stealth and goes very well with a Silencer for Infiltration configurations. Since you are hidden by UAVs, Phantom favors aggressive, mobile and stealthy configurations. Staying mobile will hide you from UAVs, as you can't stay put to stay hidden. Always check the arrow on the minimap to see how much movement is needed to stay invisible. Remember that Ghost can't hide you from an enemy VSAT.

It significantly reduces enemy damage

If you activate any basic explosives, it will kill you unless you are caught in full. This is a generally useful aspecialty, but could be vital for any configuration aimed at conquering targets that tend to be constantly under bombardment.

Automatic air support cannot target you

This Specialty provides immunity from the Uncontrolled Area Point Series. Watch out though! You may still be killed if you stand next to a companion without invisibility.

Earn Points Series about 20% faster.

If you can earn mid-level Points Series often, Inflexible will give you a boost to get to the high level ones often. The only flaw in this specialty is the cost in points and consuming a slot for a Blue specialty that might be more useful for a specialized setup. In any case, keep in mind that choosing Inflexible on configurations that you will want to play offensively or support is more effective than aggressive or goal-oriented configurations. Also take into account that Inflexible is a multiplier for the cost of the Points Series, but does not increase the score at the end of the game.

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