Bubble Witch Saga 2: Endless Balls and Record Score

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Bubble Witch Saga 2 is one of the most successful games for mobile devices thanks to the fact that it is simple but addictive.

Some levels, however, are really very complicated and seem impossible to overcome. But not if you have the right tricks available. For what we will list today we recommend you to download from this link the classic cheat engine . To implement the trick you must also start a game with your computer account.

Download and start the cheat engine program and the game on any browser.

  1. After making sure that cheat engine is active, start a game. Throw the first ball and go straight to cheat engine . In the "value" field enter the number 1 and then start the program scan.
  2. Resume the game, throw the second ball, go to cheat engine and enter the value 2 and scan. And so will the third ball, the fourth ball, etc., until you have only 4 balls left.
  3. When you have only 4 balls left, from cheat engine move the "Adress" item to the lower column and lock it. In this way the 4 balls will become infinite.

If you are competing with your friends and want to get a higher score than theirs, just start a game normally and then go to cheat engine , in the Value field enter the score you want (even 999999) and click on "First Scan". Now move the Address in the lower column, change the Value value again and launch the scan.

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