Bubble Bobble NES passwords and tricks

Bubble Bobble is a video game that has made the history of arcade games, but which only the best and most experienced players can finish without the help of tricks.

For all those who were therefore desperate or "bogged down" in the same level for days, here are a series of passwords and tricks useful to complete all 100 levels of the game, until you defeat the final boss and see the end of the game. 
Not only password to skip levels at will, but also small "tricks and cheats" to facilitate you in the arduous task of unlocking the so-called "Happy Ending", since there is also a "Bad Ending" that would leave you a little bitter in your mouth.
So let's see the passwords and tricks for the version NES of this authentic masterpiece, a milestone in the history of videogames that you find converted for many other platforms, including C64 and Amiga.


If you die in 2 Player mode, press START to pause the game, then SELECT to steal a life from your partner.

- Beat the Boss without collecting the Crystal - Bad Ending 1
- Defeat the Boss by collecting the Crystal but in 1 Player mode - Bad Ending 2
- Beat the Boss after collecting the Crystal in normal 2 Player mode - Happy Ending 1
- Defeat the Boss after collecting the Crystal, in 2 Player Super Bubble Bobble - Happy Ending 2 mode

Enter BACCF as a password.

Bubble Bobble - Taito (1986)


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