Breath of the Wild - Find and Extract the Master Sword

Are you tired of fighting the many enemies scattered around Hyrule with weapons that shatter after a few blows? Are you tired of not even having decent blades to cut the grass? Have you found yourself fighting a fierce Guardian armed only with pots and pans? As of today your problems are over, it's time to improvise new Arthurs and pull the Master Sword out of the rock!

The Master Sword has always been the best weapon in Zelda's universe. Getting it, however, has never been easy in any episode of the saga and Breath of the Wild is no exception. Below is a complete guide showing where to find the sword and what to do to extract it from the stone in which it is set:


The Master Sword is hidden in the heart of the LOST WOOD. The forest in question is located north of Hyrule Castle and is a location that can be reached from the early stages of the game. Once you enter this area, all you have to do is follow the torches until you reach a tree with a face. The tree represents a checkpoint and from here on you will have to follow the signs to the trees with a face. Orient yourself thanks to their branches to get to the KOROK FOREST where you can interact with the big Deku tree.


The tree will inform you that to draw the Sword you must have at least 13 hearts in your heart holder, so even if you see it shining right there in front of you you will have to play several hours and complete many shrines before you are worthy to brandish it.

The Master Sword is the game's most powerful weapon with a power of 30 that doubles against the dark forces - enemies with a purple aura. The weapon is indestructible but it will take some time before it can be used again, so keep it for the most challenging battles. Finally, if you throw the sword you can generate a powerful fireball!

By extracting the sword, you can also unlock one of Impa's memories!

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