Breath of Fire II SNES cheats and codes

Breath of Fire II it's a role-playing video game developed and distributed in 1994 by Capcom in Japan and only two years later, in 1996, in the main European markets.

Breath of Fire II is the second title of the saga and was initially released for Super Nintendo, later also being converted for the Game Boy Advance handheld console. A sequel to Breath of Fire, the second episode is set 500 years after the events for the first chapter: the protagonist of the story is the orphan Ryu Bateson, whose family mysteriously disappeared some time before.
Classic Two-dimensional RGPG with top-down view, BoFII boasts excellent interaction with secondary characters and casual combat. In short, all the key elements that the purists of the genre like. Here are some trick which will make it easier for you to complete the game.

Before you get to the battle with Baba, after fighting Katt, you will find a chest with 1000 gold pieces. The game expects you to enter the door and meet Rand, who offers to heal Katt for all the gold you have. Before you enter that door, go back to town and go to the bank. When you return to Rand, he will again ask for all of your gold, ie zero, to heal Katt.

For infinite coins, put all the money you have in the bank. Once this is done, go to the church of St. Eva and select "donation". Since you have no money, the priest will give you 10 gold coins. Put them in the bank, go back to the priest and repeat the operation as many times as you like. It takes patience but you can accumulate all the money you want.

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