Brave Fencer Musashi Sony PS1 cheats and codes

Brave Fencer Musashi it's a action RPG video game developed in 1998 by Square (now Square Enix) for Sony PlayStation 1.

In the video game they are used real-time fighting in 3D and almost always dubbed dialogues. The soundtrack bears the signature of Tsuyoshi Sekito. The protagonist of the game is a boy named Musashi, reincarnation of the mythical swordsman Musashi who 150 years earlier had freed the kingdom of Allucaneet from a monster called the "Sorcerer of Darkness". 
Musashi is called back to Allucaneet by Princess Fillet to save the kingdom from the invading Thirstquencher empire. Musashi comes armed with the Blade Fusion but his aim is to obtain Brave Fencer Musashi's sword, Lumina, the sword of luminescence. When Musashi manages to get hold of the Lumina sword, he discovers that all the inhabitants of Allucaneet, including Princess Fillet have been kidnapped by the Thirstquencher empire.

Now the boy, if he wants to free the princess and the inhabitants, must find the five scrolls that will power Lumina, making Musashi himself invincible. 

After capturing all the minku, head to the entrance to the Meandering Forest. Mother Minku will be there - make sure you've reset all BP and HP before fighting her.

There are plants in the Ice Palace and some other places. If you use the Fire Scroll, you can set them on fire. Damage taken is multiples of 8.

In Twinpeak Mountain, there are some Blue Plants that come out of pots. Approach and use the Water Scroll. Throw bubbles at the plants and you will see them grow three times their normal size. Fun as it is, it has no effect in the game.

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