Borderlands 2 - Guide to Trophies and Achievements

Sand, bullets and tons of madness, you need a hand to survive in the Badlands? You've come to the right place! With our trophy/achievement guide we'll Borderlands 2 turn your hellish stay on Pandora into a true paradise! Good hunting...Crypt Hunters!!!!

The first round is free
Complete "My First Weapon" mission.
Dragon Slayer
Complete the "Best minion ever" mission...
A road little traveled
Complete the mission "The Road to Sanctuary" 20G
Complete mission "Plan B" 20G
An old flame
Complete mission "Chasing Fire Eagle" 20G
You don't leave anyone behind
Complete mission "An unstoppable rescue" 20G
Wilhelm screamed
Complete the mission "A train to catch" 20G
The sky is the limit
Complete the mission "Growing Action" 20G
I can see my house from here
Complete mission "Sparkling lights, flying city" 20G
Goodbye, old man.
Complete the mission "Wildlife Preservation" 20G
Putting the band back together
Complete the mission "The Slab of the past and the future" 20G
Identity theft
Complete the mission "The man who wanted to be Jack" 20G
Desire of an angel
Complete the mission "Where the angels dare not go" 25G
Bombs away!
Complete the mission "Work and Labour" 20G
Knowledge is half the battle
Complete the 20G "Data Search" mission
Great story, man!
Defeat Jack 30G
All previous trophy goals will be completed simply by completing the indicated mission and story mode.
Challenge accepted
Complete level 1 of all challenges not bound to a level with a single 30G character
You will find the challenges in the menu, when you complete each challenge you will get tokens to redeem to increase your statistics.
Goliath, meet David
Allow a goliath to level up 4 times before killing it 15G
In the course of the game you come across several enemies called Goliath, recognize them will not be difficult because they are mountains of muscles with a flaming helmet. Once you blow up the helmet, with a strong bullet, the Goliath will go on a rampage and attack anything in sight. To get the trophy you'll have to make sure that the Goliath eliminates several enemies by leveling up to the maximum level, the fourth. Once you reach the maximum level you'll have to kill it in order to get the trophy / goal. The Goliath's levels are as follows and you'll notice the change of level thanks to the name change:
-1 Level - Goliath Badass
-2 Level - Super Badass Goliath
-3 Level - Ultimate Goliath Badass
-4 Level - Fatal GOD-lia

Remember to "help" the Goliath to level up by defending him from the strongest enemies by weakening them for him. The first Goliath can be found at Frostburn Canyon in Incenerator Camp.
Five rounds
Complete round 5 of any 25G Circle of Slaughter
Not quite dead
Reach level 5 5G
Better than before
Reach level 10 10G
Better and better
Reach level 25 25G
At most... for now.
Reach level 50 50G
Arctic Explorer
Discover all the locations of Three Horns, Tundra Express and Frostburn Canyon 15G
Urban Explorer
See all Sanctuary, Opportunity and Lynchwood 15G locations
Highland Explorer
Discover all the places in the Highlands, Thousand Cuts and 15G Wildlife Exploitation Preserve
Ruin explorer
Discover all the places of Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus and Sawtooth Cauldron 15G
Discover all the places that have a 50G name
For explorer achievements/trophies here is the complete list of places to find:
Three Horns Divide
-Fishguts Outpost
-Windbreak Camp
-The Drydocks
-Thirty Below
-Snowbound Crossroads
Three Horns Valley
-The Frontsprings
-Split Skull Bay
-Shock Fossil Cavern
-Happy Pig Motel
-Bloodshot Slums
Tundra Express
-Varkid Ranch
-Skittering Mound
-Varkid Ranch Observatory
-Buzzard Academy
-Tiny Tina's Workshop
-Ripoff Station
-Meltwater Crossing
-Mount Molehill Mine
-Old Man Johnson's Farm
Frostburn Canyon
-Frozen Ant Lake
-Blacktoe Cavern
-Ashworth Camp
-Blisterpus Camp
-Incinerator Camp
-Firehawk Lair
-Crimson Raiders HQ
-Marcus Munitions
-Dr. Zeds 24/7 Clinic
-MoXXXi's Bar
-The Pits
-Residential Quarter
-Orbital Delivery Zone
-Waterfront District
-Opportunity Square
-Living Legend Plaza
-Hyperion Office Complex
-The Grinders
-Death Row Refinery
-The Old Mine
-Main Street
-Gunslinger's Corner
The Highlands
-Mercury Induction Station
-Isotope Reclaimation Center
-Lake Shining Horizons
-Frothing Creek Mill
-Aggregate Acquisition
-Whispering Riverbed
-Blake Bridge
-Hunter's Bane
-Old Cranky's Pond
Thousand Cuts
-Central Core Supply Dock
-Control Core Loading Dock
-Competitor Deferrence Field
-No Man's Land
-Bloody Knuckle Point
-Slab Town
-Broke Face Bridge
-Buzzard Factory
Wildlife Exploitation Preserve
-Home De Mordecai
-Preserve Dockyard
-Observation Wing
-Specimen Maintenance
-Bloodwing's Enclosure
Eridium Blight
-Human Dwelling Place
-Bruiseboulder Quarry
-Eridium Extraction Plant
-Infused Grotto
-The Slag Scar
-Grandma's House
-Stagma Vapour Extraction
-Slagma Refinery
-Mount Hellsfront
-Lover's Leap
Arid Nexus Bonyard
-Eridium Pump Station 1, 2 & 3
-Hyperion Truth Network
-Loader Maintenance Depot
-Transmix Regulator Station
Arid Nexus Badlands
-T.K. Baha's House
-Hyperion Stockyard Info
Sawtooth Cauldron
-Main Street Reservoir
-Avie's Camp
-Cramfist's Foundry
-The Buzzard Nest
-Scalding Remnants
-Sawtooth Stilts
-Smoking Guano Grotto
From $10,000 tip to Moxxi 10G
Reach Mad Moxxi in the Shrine and leave him $10,000 tip in the glass jar on the counter in front of her.
Classy clothing
Equips one purple object or higher in each 25G slot
It is simply a matter of equipping a rare or superior object in each Slot.
Master Sabre
Kill 100 enemies using the Sabre 20G turret
Confused and happy
Put 100 enemies in phase block. 20G
So much blood!
Gunzerka for 90 consecutive seconds 20G
You can get this trophy/achievement ONLY with the Gunzerker class. To unlock it you'll need to Gunzerkare continuously for 90 seconds, so you'll need a lot of enemies and power-ups:-Make sure to maximize your "Filled To The Brim", "Lasts Longer" and "Yippee Ki Yay" skills with Skills points to get the most out of Gunzerker mode.For enemies you can try Round 1 of Bandit's Circle of Slaughter in the Fridge.- Make sure you have a Mod that significantly increases Gunzerker mode.-Equip a powerful shield with a very fast recharge.- Now all you need to do is activate Gunzerker mode and try to keep it active, killing enemies, for 90 seconds.
Cute loot
Kill a fat enemy 15G
Honour to the Hunter of the Crypt
Get an item from Michael Mamaril 15G
Arrived at the City of the Sanctuary you can find this curious character in some of the landmarks of the city as: Zed Clinic, Crimson Rader Headquarters, News Stand, Claptrap Corner and other random places. Every time you meet him he will offer you an object. Collect one to get the trophy/object.
A plumber
Kill Donkey Mong 15G
To achieve this goal/trophy, you will have to find and kill Donkey Mong, a sort of Bullymongs who throws wooden barrels on his back. You will find Mong in the area called Blight Eridium, in the southwestern part of the map near the exit to the Hero's Pass. To make Mong appear you will have to start eliminating the Rakks and Bullymongs in the area hoping that Mong will decide to join the battle. If once you have eliminated all the enemies Mong hasn't appeared yet, the only thing left to do is to get out of this area and try again, you will see that with a couple of attempts he will surely appear. Mong is very powerful so I suggest you tackle him around level 25. Once you kill him you will get the target/trophy.
Spectacular launcher
Kill an enemy in flight by launching a 10G Tediore weapon
Once you've found a Tediore weapon, all you need to do is kill a flying enemy, the Caustic Caverns bees are fine.
Token dance
Redeem 25 20G tokens
Use the tokens obtained from the trophy/achievement "Challenge Accepted".
What does that mean?
I can't even frame it 15G.
Go to the Highlands, at the point shown in the photo and observe the double giant rainbow that appears and disappears occasionally on the horizon.

Invisible predator
Stay for 10 consecutive seconds in 20G Deception Mode
Kill a builder before he can build another 20G robot.
Piece of cake
Complete the "shoot this guy in the face" mission... 10G
How do I look?
Unlock 10 items for 25G customization
Sliced Thresher
Defeat Terramorphous the Invincible 30G
Friendship is important Rianiima a friend while in "Fight for Life!" mode 10G
Obtainable only in co-op, you only need to revive your partner when he is in Struggle for Life mode.
Better than money
Buy 5 items from black market 15G
The black market you'll find it during the main adventure, but to buy items you'll need a lot of Iridium and unless you go to shovel it directly on Pandora you'll also need a way to find it quickly and effectively ... well ... here it is: INFINITE IRIDIO. Get to the Three Horns Valley and find the terminal for the quick move. Head north of the terminal to find Fortress Bloodshot. In the square in front of the fortress you will be able to face Bad Maw. Once eliminated you will drop a large amount of Iridium on the ground and it will restore your wallet. Now enter the fort and once inside save and abandon the game. By reloading the game you will have the chance to return to the Bloodshoot Fortress and kill Bad Maw again by repeating the process. In this way your Iridium's finances will always be replenished and you can spend them on the Black Market.
Five up, five down
High five to Claptrap 15G
In order to have the opportunity to high-five Claptrap you will have to talk to him in the sanctuary and face the very short mission "Claptrap's Hidden Stash". Once the mission is complete, position yourself in front of the Claptrap and press Y/triangle to get the Claptrap into position for the 5th. Now hurry and hit the Claptrap's hand with a bare-handed physical attack to get the target/trophy. If you don't succeed the first time, you can put the Claptrap in position for 5 times after which you can always reload the rescue and try again or try again at the end of the "Wildlife Preservation" mission.
bounty hunter
Complete 20 25G side missions
Complete all 40G side missions
Like the first time
Open the box at the Fyrestone 10G bus stop
Reach the point shown on the photo and open the box, which is the first box you open in Borderlands.

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