Borderlands 2 - Guide to killing Haderax the Invincible solo

This new DLC di Borderlands 2, Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary, brought a breath of fresh air of adventure on Pandora introducing 8 new levels, a new rarity of weaponry and above all new bUS to face including the new invincible, Haderax.

In addition to being extremely strong it is also able to leave us, once defeated, one or more weapons of this new and extravagant expansion. With this guide we will show you how to defeat this fearsome enemy alone.

The equipment

The weapons and shields you will need to equip are the following:

  • Sand Hawk - Preferably of Fire, as Haderax seems to suffer a lot from this element.
  • Lady Fist - Essential as we are going to focus on critical hits to kill the boss.
  • The Bee - Essential to be able to do more damage in the shortest possible time.
  • Toothpick
  • Retainer
  • Mouthwash

These last three are part of the Hygiene kit which will provide us with the boost in the movements necessary for the success of this tactic.

Other relics or class mods can be varied, although we advise you to aim for boosting fire damage or critical damage.

Combat strategy

As we said earlier, this new Boss is really tough and if dealt with normally, even with 4 players, it will be quite difficult to knock down. However, we have found a tactic that will allow you to take it down without too many problems and above all in a short time.

  • Enter the boss area with the Hygiene kit wear it and you will immediately notice that your speed and jumps will be enhanced.
  • Once the Boss is summoned, go back to the entrance of the cave, there will be ledges on which you will have to jump to get as high as possible.
  • When you reach the top, replace the shield and weapon with The Bee and SandHawk and occasionally equip an elemental damage boost relic and a class mod that boosts critical.
  • Finally, unload the charger of the SandHawk on the critical points of the Boss and, just before the bullets hit him, place the Lady Fist to enhance the damage even more.

If done correctly, this strategy will get you killed Haderax in a few minutes, making farming the aforementioned Boss less challenging.

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