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With the new DLC Commander Lilith & the fight for Sanctuary New and cool legendary weapons have been introduced in Borderlands 2. In this guide we will show you how to get them.

The new legendaries

The new legendary weapons of this DLC are not many, but despite this they are all really intriguing and certainly deserve to be found even just for a matter of completeness. Here you are new weapons and the guide on how to get them.

Here is the list of weapons:

  • Hector’s Paradise
  • Sincere friend
  • Overcompensator
  • M2828 Thumpson

Hector’s Paradise

This weapon is obtainable as a reward for completing the mission "Echoes from the Past" that you will find in the Mt. Scarab Research Center. The quest can be picked up at the end of an interrupted staircase to your left along the way.

It will be impossible to miss once you enter the area. Once taken, to complete the mission, it will be sufficient to go to certain areas marked on the map and look for the Echoes, also here all very simple.

In the end, just hit the safe with your melee and you will be rewarded with yours Hector’s Paradise.

The weapon itself is really good, the coloring is the same as you will find on the Hornet, and like any weapon DAHL, when you go to shoot aiming the fire will be in short and fast bursts.

The weapon can be found only in lightning element and will always have one bayonet as an accessory, which makes it great for characters who aim for melee.

The damage and the probability of electrocution are really good, so our advice is to use it on enemies with large shields or on enemies weak to electricity.

Sincere friend

Also 'Sincere friend it will be a reward for a secondary mission of the DLC. The mission will be commissioned from us by Brig and it will be called BFFFs.

 This assignment consists of assassinating 4 lieutenants in different locations on the map to obtain sniper parts with which Brick will build a new weapon for Mordecai.

Once you have killed the 4 characters and recovered the sniper parts, return to Brick in the Backburner. He will ask you to give the weapon to Mordecai and then come back. Once the mission is completed, your reward will be theSincere friend.

This legendary sniper rifle is always found with a bayonet as an accessory even if this is not its particularity.

THESincere friend, As the Tresspasser, has the hidden ability to penetrate enemy shields and thus do damage directly to the life bar. Definitely a weapon to have with all characters, if only for the gigantic damage it can cause to enemies.


Directly from Tales from the Borderlands makes its appearanceOvercompensator a legendary talking weapon of theHyperion.

You will be able to get it by completing Vaughn's Chief Executive Overlord mission. The mission will only be obtainable after you have finished all the main missions of the DLC, so in case it has not yet appeared, continue to complete the main ones.

The mission is very simple and will take a short time to complete, the reward for completing it will be the shotgun Overcompensator. Its effect is very similar to that of Butcher, pearly shotgun, accuracy and rate of fire will increase as you shoot.

The weapon is very strong, however it leaves something to be desired when encountering stronger enemies. With a Build built specifically for shotguns, however, this weapon does its best even against the toughest bosses.

M2828 Thumpson

THEM2828 Thumpson is a legendary assault rifle introduced with the new DLC in Borderlands 2.

To find the Thumpson, just dig in a specific point on the map, however you will not always get this weapon, so just go out and back and then redo the path until you get the weapon.

The location of the tomb to be excavated is the one highlighted in red on the map.

All you have to do is get to the top of the hill where you will meet for the first time Heel and launch towards the indicated point.

If you're lucky the weapon will be yours, however this is one of the few disappointing weapons in the DLC. As we all know the Bl2 assault rifles need some changes to be optimal. The firearm has a good magazine and good accuracy, too (as with any firearm Jacob) when aiming, the more you pull the trigger, the faster you shoot.

New weapon rarity

As per the title, a new weapon rarity called "Effervescent" but that the community has decided to rename rainbow rarity is rainbow rarity in English.

These new weapons have the same chance of being dropped as a legendary one, which makes farming them less annoying than perhaps pearly weapons, which have a very low drop rate.

With the next guides we will also show you how to get the pearly weapons! So keep following us for more guides and solutions.

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