BOB Mega Drive passwords and tricks

BOB, which in Japan is known as Space Funky BOB, is a video game developed by Gray Matter Interactive e Foley Hi-Tech Systems and published in 1993 by Electronic Arts to Sega Mega Drive.

The genre of this video game is halfway between 2D shooter and the platform game. The plot of the game is as follows: BOB, who has a date with his girlfriend, destroys his father's spaceship and lands on a planet full of enemies. Using his reflexes and various power-ups, BOB tries to leave the planet and return to his family.

To do this, it must overcome well 45 levels, many bosses and even timed races against alien spaceships. If you run out of bullets at your disposal, you can use a punch as a last resort. Each level has a time limit, which in fact forces the player to try to pass the stage as quickly as possible, without too much delay.

In the first level, stay behind the stairs that allow you to go to the next level. Use the propellers to fly over the ceiling and access a secret room. Here you will find all the weapons you want.

672451 Anciena 1
272578 Anciena 2
652074 Anciena 3
265648 Anciena 4
462893 Anciena 5
583172 Anciena 6
743690 Anciena 7
171058 Goth 2
950745 Goth 3
472149 Goth 4
743690 Ultraworld 1
103928 Ultraworld 2
144895 Ultraworld 3
775092 Ultraworld 4
481376 Ultraworld 5

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