Bloodborne: Runes of Caryll: How and Where to Find Them

In this section of the complete guide to Bloodborne we will show you where to find all the precious Caryll Runes that will give you great advantages once you have unlocked the tool you need to use them!

How to find all the runes

Before you can use the runes you will need to unlock the RUNE INSTRUMENT inside the workshop. To do this you will have to unlock the BOSS/PREDA la STREGA DI HEMWICK. Once you have obtained the necessary tool, all you have to do is follow our guide and find the Runes that are most convenient for you.

Keep in mind that there are several versions of the same Rune, one more powerful than the other. Many of them can be found in the main game, others only in particular Dungeons. To make sure you find them easily, we've included Glyphs to summon the right Dungeon with the description to find the rune right away. Runes and where to find them have the same numbering.

List of the runes of Caryll in Bloodborne

HOURLY METAMORPHOSIS1Increases HP by +5% 2Increases HP by +10% 3Increases HP by +15%1-In the PROHIBITED BODIES, take the uphill path in front of the road to the Boss and open the gate at the top. 2-In the FRONTIER OF THE CAVE in the cave that overlooks the poisonous lake near the stone bridge, where you meet the spider. 3-In the dungeon evoked with the PTHUMERU IHYLL goblet. Glyph of the chalice: 9vb3tzza, in the first level, in the second side chamber after unlocking the door of the Boss.
COUNTERCLOCKWISE METAMORPHOSIS1-Enhance Resistance of +10% 2-Enhance of +15% 3-Enhance of +20% Resistance1-IN THE PROHIBITED BODIES, in the area next to the pond with fireflies, where there are Celestial enemies. 2-Talk to the human-headed KINGDOM, on the second floor of the AULA MAGNA BUILDING.
See NPC 3- In the dungeon evoked with the goblet of LOWER AILING LORAN. Glyph of the chalice: h3up6y2d, at the first level.
JOINT1- Vial of Blood +1 2- Vial of Blood +2 3- Vial of Blood +3 4- Vial of Blood +4 5- Vial of Blood +51-In the CHURCH OF CARE, take the elevator and look in the first chest. 2-In the BUILDING AULA MAGNA, in a casket. 3-In the CLINICAL CLINIC of IOSEFKA, in a chest. 4-Eliminate the CELESTE EMISSARY CELESTE Boss/Prey. 5-In the dungeon evoked with the PTHUMERU IHYLL goblet. Glyph of the chalice: rg56w9w8, in the first level.
OEDON SHAPELESS1-Projectiles of Mercury +3 2-Projectiles of Mercury +4 3-Projectiles of Mercury +51-Kill the OEDON WAITER (the deformed being with the red tunic in the chapel) at CATHEDRAL WARD.  2-Stake the elevator in the left door of the CATHEDRAL WARD chapel. As you go up the elevator you will see a window. Quickly jump out of the window and continue to the rune above the Cathedral Lantern. 3-In the dungeon evoked with the PTHUMERU IHYLL chalice. Glyph of the chalice: wikifcsa, on the first level.
BLOOD APPEAL1-CREUENT CLOTHS restore +200HP 2-CREUENT CLOTHS restore +250HP 3-CREUENT CLOTHS restore +300HP1-Kill the BOSS/PREDA SHADE OF YHARNAM 2In the dungeon conjured with the chalice CURSED AND DEFILED. Glyph of the chalice: qs3z8hqa, in the third level. 3-You will get it at the end of the secondary mission of EILEEN THE RUG.
OEDON CONTORTION1-CREATIVE CLOTHS restore Mercury Bullets +1 2-CREATIVE CLOTHS restore Mercury Bullets +2 3-CREATIVE CLOTHS restore Mercury Bullets +31-Kill IOSEFKA at any point in the game. 2-Kill IOSEFKA before eliminating the BOSS/PREDA ROM the obtuse spider. 3-In the dungeon evoked with the PTHUMERU IHYLL goblet. Glyph of the chalice: 9vb3tzza, in the first level.
LAKE1Increases PHYSICAL DEFENCE by +3% 2Increases PHYSICAL DEFENCE by +7%1-Ad HEMWICK CHARNEL LANE at the cliff on the lake, near the Witch's residence. 2-Nel dungeon evoked with the PTHUMERU IHYLL goblet. Glyph of the chalice: 7yc94b3m, on the second level.
LAKE ARCAN1Increase ARCAN DEFENSE by +5% 2Increase ARCAN DEFENSE by +7% 3Increase ARCAN DEFENSE by +10%1- In YAHAR'GUL'S HAT , on the way to the boss. Look to the left to find a chest with a rune. 2-A BYRGENWERTH, to the left of the Lantern, near the tree. 3- In the dungeon evoked with the ISZ chalice. Glyph of the chalice: ydknsnh4, level one, or byfne74r, level 3.
1Increase Crucial bindings by +10% 2Increase Crucial bindings by +20% 3Increase Crucial bindings by +30%1-Kill the hunter-beast in YAHAR'GUL'S HAT. 2- Kill Gilbert after his transformation into the Beast. - In the dungeon evoked with the chalice of LOWER AILING LORAN. Glyph of the chalice: gz9mmj7y, on the first level.
1-Obtained +20% Blood Echoes from Blood Kills 2-Obtained +40% Blood Echoes from Blood Kills 3-Obtained +80% Blood Echoes from Blood Kills1-Kill the HENRYK Hunter in the OEDON TUMBER.

2- In the HAT OF YAHAR'GUL in the second room where there is the Woman with the Bell. Near where it evokes the ogre.3-In the dungeon evoked with the PTHUMERU IHYLL chalice. Glyph of the chalice: df235ysm, in the first level.
DISSOLVING LAKE1Increase fire defense by +5% 2Increase fire defense by +10%.1-In the BORDERS OF THE HUB, after eliminating the two hunters, go up to the rocky area around the poisoned lake. 2- Kill the LORAN DARK BEast in the deepest dungeon in LORAN.
DISSIPATING LAKE1Increase Defense by Thunder +5% 2Increase Defense by Thunder +10%.1-IN THE PROHIBITED BODIES, in the area with the BIG BELT wandering in the water. Look under the roots on the left. 2In the deepest dungeon in LORAN
LARGE LAKE1Increase all defenses by +4% 2Increase all defenses by +5%.1-A CATHEDRAL WARD UPPER, climb to the top of the stairs on the right, just after the Lantern. 2-Casually in the Dungeon evoked with the chalice of ISZ.
DEEP SEA1Increase Resistance to Madness by +200 2Increase Resistance to Madness by +3001-IN THE PROHIBITED HOSPITALS, in the hole with the two Giant Snakes. 2-Casually in the Dungeon evoked with the chalice of ISZ.
CLEAR DEEP SEA 1-Enhance Poison Resistance Slow +100 2-Enhance Poison Resistance Slow +200 3-Enhance Poison Resistance Slow +3001-In the PROHIBITED BODIES, in the middle of some snakes, near a big tombstone. 2In the FRONTIERS OF THE HEAD, on the top of the hill where the Thrower of Massi is stationed. 3In the deepest dungeon of LORAN
STUNNED DEEP SEA1Increases Resistance to Rapid Poison +2001-In the FRONTIERS OF THE HUB, in the cave near the poisoned lake.
GREAT DEEP SEA1Increase all Resistors by +100 2Increase all Resistors by +2001-In the FRONTIERS OF THE HEAD, in the cave at the bottom of the poisoned river into which the spider pushes you. 2-Casually in the Dungeon evoked with the chalice of ISZ.
MOON1-Obtain 10% more Echoes from enemies2-Obtain 20% more Echoes from enemies 3-Obtain 30% more Echoes from enemies1-In the HYPOGEUM CARCER, near the Lantern. 2In the MENSIS HUB, during the fight with MICOLASH. After damaging it the first time, go down instead of going up around the tower. 3-In THE MERGO ACTIC: CENTRAL. Use the second cage elevator and jump in the open window during the ascent. Continue until you reach the lever and drop the HUGE EYEAR BRAIN into the hole. Now go back to the CENTRAL ACTIC and get off with the elevator to reach the floor with the abysses. You will find a new cage elevator, use it to descend into a totally dark area. As soon as you exit the elevator continue to the left to find the mega-brain. Use the CONTACT gesture for more than 30 seconds and you will get the RUNE. The CONTACT gesture is located at CATHEDRAL WARD UPPER, examining the mannequin in the upper room of the church.
EYES1-Increate the Discovery parameter of +50 2-Increate the Discovery parameter of +70 3-Increate the Discovery parameter of +1001- In the MENSIS HUB, little rhyme of the MERGO ACTIVE Lantern: BASIC. 2- KILL MAESTRO WILLEM in BIRGENWERTH 3-Casually in the Dungeon evoked with the chalice of ISZ.
BELVA1-Power Transformation into Beast by +20 2-Power Transformation into Beast by +50 3-Power Transformation into Beast by +1001-Kill the LOCKED BEAUTY, just below the LOCKED OFFICE. 2- Kill the HAPPY MAN. 3-Casually in any dungeon.


These RUNE can only be equipped in the fourth slot and have effect only during the PVP. Equipping one of these RUNE makes your character belong to one of the brotherhoods of the game: HUNTERS, VILESANGUE AND CHIERICI.

Increases ENERGY recharging speed.Complete the Secondary Mission of EILEEN THE RUN.
Ensures greater regeneration of HP near the point of death.Use the CROWN of MARTIRE LOGARIUS behind his throne. A building will appear. Enter it and swear an oath to ANNALISE the KINGDOM OF VILESANGUES.
WONDERFULIncreases the HP restored with the BLOOD FACES.Deliver to ALFRED the CLOSED CONVOCATION, which you will find on the table next to ANNALISE so that he may fulfill his mission.

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