Bloodborne: Infinite Blood Echoes, Items Duplication

In Bloodborne tricks we will show you how to perform the trick to get endless items and accumulate millions and millions of Blood Echoes!

Bloodborne Tricks: How to get Blood Echoes and Infinite Items

Well, if you have come to read this far you are really convinced to proceed so let's see what the EXACT PROCEDURE is in these simple steps:


From the main menu select NEW DEPARTURE and create a SECOND PERSONAGE, reach the BELVA CHIERIC and die.


You will wake up in the DREAM OF THE HUNTER and, if you have found him around, you should have at least one CHOCOTTER with you. If you haven't found it, buy it at the Messenger Box in the dream. Now stand in front of the DEPOSIT and go back to the main menu by leaving the OPTIONS.


Load now your MAIN PERSONAGE and go to the HUNTER'S DREAM.


Empty the DEPOSIT of any object, each section must be FULLY EMPTY. If you cannot empty it because you have reached the maximum number of items in your inventory, sell them to the Messenger Tank and come back for the others until you have emptied the deposit. Once empty, return to the main menu by leaving the OPTIONS.


Load the SECOND PERSONAGE and deposit a CHOICE in the DEPOSIT. Once done, return to the main menu by exiting the OPTIONS.


Load the SECOND PERSONAGE again and stay still for a few seconds without doing anything then return to the main menu by leaving the OPTIONS.


Finally, load your MAIN PERSONAGE and deposit ONE UNIT of any object in the DEPOSIT. This is the object you want to CLONE.


Now go to the TANK OF MESSAGES and buy 98 CHOCOLOTES. You can keep only a total of them in the inventory, the others will end up in the DEPOSIT.


Going to look in the DEPOSIT, you won't find any POTENTIAL deposited but the number of the object you have deposited in STEP 7 will be increased disproportionately, or better, by the same number of Pebbles that didn't enter in your inventory.


Every time you turn the game off and want to start cloning again, you just have to start over from STEP 6.

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