Blackthorne SNES passwords and tricks

Blackthorne, also known by the name of Blackhawk, it's a platform game genre developed in 1994 by the Blizzard Entertainment to Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Advance and PC.

Blackthorne is the prince of a remote planet that is about to suffer the devastating attack of a powerful alien race. Blackthorne's father, the king of this world in danger, allows his son to escape thanks to a spell. Blackthorne carries with him a mysterious stone, necessary to save the population.
The hero ends up on planet Earth and as he grows up he becomes a gloomy and very violent man. when, by mistake, he returns to his native land, I find a kingdom now enslaved by monsters and an evil emperor. In this video game with a motion system very similar to Prince of Persia, characterized by non-linear levels, you almost always have to explore the entire level of play.

The weapons available to the protagonist are various: rifles, machine guns, pistols, grenades and so on. The most common enemies encountered in the levels are gods orc, which can be defeated after a long firefight. These duels involve firing, covering and reloading the weapon.


HCKD - ​​Castle Level 1
NRLF - Castle Level 2
J6BZ - Castle Level 3
MJXG - Castle Level 4
K3CH - Castle Level 5
FBWC - Mine Level 2
QP7R - Mine Level 3
WJTV - Mine Level 4
TJ1F - Sand Level 1
GSG3 - Sand Level 2
BMHS - Sand Level 3
Y4DJ - Sand Level 4
RRYB - Level 1 Tree
ZS9P - Level 2 Tree
XJSN - Level 3 Tree
CGDM - Level 4 Tree

Press X on controller 2.

Press Y on controller 2.

Blackthorne - SNES


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