BIOSHOCK INFINITE - Trophy/Achievement Guide


Written on clouds
Complete the beacon.
Welcome to Monument Island
Get to Monument Island.
Electrifying tactics
Retrieve the electric trap.
First class ticket
Get on board the First Lady.
Armed Revolt
Help the gunsmith.
Working class hero
Complete the factory.
Blood on the streets
Complete Emporia.
Higher education
Complete the House of Comstock.
The cage or the bird
Complete the Hand of The Prophet...
Tin Soldier
Complete the game at difficulty Easy or higher.
Hardened by battles
Complete the game at Normal or higher difficulty.
The ruthless Pinkerton
Complete the game at difficulty Difficult or higher.
The waltz of candles
Complete the game in 1999 mode.
Tomorrow you will leave me...
Unlock the 1999 mode. Finish the game at least once.
Scavenger Hunt
Complete the game in 1999 mode without buying anything from Dollar Bill vending machines. Warning, you won't have to buy anything from Dollar Bills, but you can still upgrade your weapons and Vigors from other vending machines, so search around for ammunition and enable equipment to help you drop them from enemies like the Sweeper Shirt.
Industrial accident
Kill 20 enemies by executing them with Skyhook. Weaken the enemies and when the skull symbol appears on them, hold Y/triangle to execute them with Skyhook.
Flying Killer
Kill 20 enemies with one Skyline shot. Aim at an enemy as you slide over the Skyline and jump on them to execute a Skyline shot by pushing them away.
A real gun
Kill 25 enemies with a gun (edged).
Passion in a burst
Kill 150 enemies with a Founder's Rolston machine gun or a Vox machine gun.
The sweeper
Kill 50 enemies with a Founders' Rifle (Chinese Thunder) or a Vox Thunder.
Big game hunting expert
Kill 100 enemies with a Founders (Hunter) carbine or a Vox Blast Weapon.
Cannon out of control
Kill 25 enemies with a handheld cannon.
Clear sky
Kill 30 enemies with a sniper rifle (Eye of the Rapacious).
Here piglet
Kill 30 enemies with a Founders' Discharge Weapon (Pig) or a Vox Discharge Cannon.
Master of Pyrotechnics
Kill 20 enemies with a rocket launcher.
Seasoned to taste
Kill 30 enemies with a crank gun (Tritapepe). You will drop it, or you will find it in some openings opened by Elizabeth.
Hit an enemy with each of the 8 Vigors.

Vigorous opposition
Kill 75 enemies with a Vigor or while under the influence of a Vigor. Buy the power trap upgrade, which passes electricity from enemy to enemy, to make the task easier for you.
Profitable expenditure
Lead 3 enemies on a single Vigor trap 5 times. Within Good Time, place one Devil's Kiss Trap in front of the tent from which the enemies come out. The process is cumulative, so simply reload and execute it 5 times.
Lethal combination
Uses all 8 combinations of Vigor. That is, you will have to use Vigor by combining them with each other, there are 8 different mixes:
1- Crows Assassins + Devil's Kiss -Throw the crows and set them on fire when they are on an enemy.2- Crows Assassins + Electric Trap -Throw the crows and electrify them when they are on an enemy.3- Possession + Electric Trap- Possess an enemy and then electrocute them.4- Possession + Devil's Kiss - Possess an enemy and then set them on fire.5-Devil's Kiss + Charge-Fire an enemy and make them fly away with the Charge.6- Electric Trap + Backwash-Elect an enemy and then throw water on them to toast them well.7-Crazy Horse + Charge- Make an enemy levitate and hit in the air with the Charge.8-Crazy Horse + Devil's Kiss- Make an enemy levitate and hit in the air with a fireball.
Mind over matter
Kill 20 enemies using possessed machines.
Open another one
Open 30 gashes.
Strange bedfellows
Kill 20 enemies using allies from a gash. That's mosquitoes and patriots.
On the fly
Kill 30 enemies while you're on a Skyline.
Lightning under clear skies
Kill five enemies with one blow to the head while you're on a Skyline. The kills are cumulative, you can do it anywhere in the game, with the weapon you prefer.
Risk pays off
Kill 10 enemies using environmental hazards. That is, puddles of water in which you have to throw an electric trap, or puddles of oil in which you have to use the devil's kiss.
Have a good trip
Kill 20 enemies by dropping them from Columbia. Push and Charge will be crucial to push the enemies away.
Skeet shooting
Kill 5 enemies while they're falling. Use Crazy Horse to fly the enemies in the air, when you see them slowly descending, kill them.
Lost weekend
Kill 5 enemies while you're drunk. A great point to get this goal/trophy and the Shantytown bar, get drunk with the abundance of alcohol in the bar and throw a punch at the first one who comes along to start a fight.
David versus Goliath
Defeat 20 Big Shots. That's the Handyman, the Fires, the Grenadiers, the Ravens and the Missile Launchers.
Kill a Handyman by shooting him in the heart alone. Upgrade your sniper rifle to the maximum so that you can kill him with about 6 shots, now you have to be focused and try to hit him exclusively in the porthole with the heart on his chest. No Vigor or allies, just your heart shots. My advice is to try to achieve this goal with the first Handyman of the game, the one at Finkton Center, so you won't be disturbed by anyone.
Party dress
Use one Equipment in each of the four slots.
Best equipped
Max out a weapon and a Vigor.
Raising the bar
Enhance an attribute (Health, Shield or Salt) to the maximum. You will need to use an Infusion.
Size infusion
Collect each Infusion in a single game.
Tourist in town
Look through every telescope and Kinetoscope.
The little clever girl
Have Elizabeth pick 30 locks. If you need extra picks, remember, Dollar Bills sell for $48.
Find all the Voxafoni.
Spend and spend
You spend $10,000 on vending machines in Columbia.
Money under the mattress
Plunder 200 containers. If you're used to searching everywhere, you'll get it at Soldier's Field.

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