BioMetal SNES cheats and codes

BioMetal it's a shooter genre video game side scrolling published for Super Nintendo in 1993. The videogame is played in single player and boasts 6 different weapons to fight the BioMetals, an extraterrestrial race determined to eliminate humans.

Il gameplay of BioMetal is very similar to that of the most famous R-Type and the various video games in the series, including Super R-Type just for SNES. Even the final boss of BioMetal closely resembles the iconic Dobkeratops, of R-Type in fact. The soundtrack of the European and North American versions was specially created by the techno band 2 Unlimited, who used remixes of tracks from their 1991 album Get Ready!
A frightening war that began decades earlier has divided the Milky Way and all its natural resources are depleted. The Milky Way Galactic Council is therefore forced to send one fleet of spaceships to a nearby planet, UP457, in search of resources. 

During the mission, however, the fleet is destroyed by a half mechanical, half animal race. Breed that takes the name of BIOMETAL. One of the Council's computers calculates that there are only 32 hours left before the complete destruction of the Milky Way. The spaceship Halbard, the young pilot Kid Ray and the biologist Anita set out on a desperate mission: to eliminate the alien threat.

At the title screen, hold A and press first UP / RIGHT and then DOWN / LEFT. Then press SELECT + L or SELECT + R to choose the level to start from.

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