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The Outer Worlds | The best Builds to create | goes a lot The Outer Worlds deeper into build and character construction. Character build The Outer Worlds is a bit difficult to understand at first because of the huge amount of attributes and perks available. In this guide, we look at the best builds in the game and how they affect Obsidian's approach to rpg.

Below, we will first explain what Attributes, Skills, and the various aspects that influence a build are. If you want to go directly to the Best Builds section, click on Best Builds in the summary below.

Building a good build can create some headaches given the huge amount of skills and attributes that can be combined to tackle the game with the approach you prefer. Run peacefully, run with carnage or a bit and a bit?

The Outer Worlds | What are builds

First, you have to understand how a build can affect the game world. The interesting thing about character building in is The Outer Worlds that it has a real and practical effect on the game universe; a pacifist run is absolutely possible, depending on how you build your character. Likewise, a run in which you kill ALL NPCs is also possible.

That's because the gameplay is largely influenced by your character's various traits, and there are really a lot of traits you can unlock. One build of The Outer Worlds is

  • Attributes
  • Skill
  • Attitude

The Outer Worlds | Attribute Guide

The first thing to think about when building the build is determining the character attributes. These go to develop the character's basics, as this will interact with the game world and NPCs.

Depending on the attribute, more or less options may present themselves as you advance. For example, depending on your 'Intelligence', you may be given more intelligent options in dialogues or, conversely, the character may grunt. Similarly, if you put all your actions on 'Charm', you may be able to get out of any situation without ever having to resort to violence.

There are 3 categories of Attributes:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Personality

Each category has 2 perks to develop, increasing or decreasing the level of experience in that area. Each of these attributes can be "below average", "average", "good", "high" or "very high".

Keep in mind that you can't just set all of these attributes to "very high", there is a set limit on how many abilities you can attribute to a build.


Strength: This affects the damage of the melee weapon and the amount your character can carry. It establishes the following abilities: One-Hand Melee, Two-Hand Melee, Heavy Weapon, Block, Inspiration, and Intimidation.
Dexterity: Influences melee attack speed and remote weapon reload speed. Influences the following skills: One-Handed Melee, Guns, Dodge, Block, Stealth, and Burglary.


Intelligence: Influence bonus damage with critical hits. Establishes the following skills: Long firearms, Persuasion, Hacking, Medicine, Science, and Determination.
Perception: This affects bonuses applied to headshot damage and weak points. Influences the following abilities: Guns, Long Guns, Heavy Weapons, Dodge, Burglary, and Engineering.


Charm: Influences the faction's reputation and the time it takes to recover the companion's ability. Affects the following abilities: Persuasion, Lie, Intimidation, Hacking, Science, and Inspiration.
Temperament: improves the natural regeneration of health. It affects the following skills: 2-Handed Melee, Lie, Stealth, Medicine, Engineering and Determination.

Skills, attributes, and attitude are all key elements to building your build in The Outer Worlds . Take your time to make the character closer to your style.

The Outer Worlds | What are Skills

Skills affect your character's ability to use a certain perk of your build. Some examples are, Two-handed melee, Hacking, Long firearms, Persuasion. In short, all those that, as we said, are related to Attributes.

Each time your character level up, you receive 10 skill points that you can assign to any skill.

Each skill can be awarded a total of 100 skill points, at which point your skill is upgraded to Master rank. Skill ranks range from beginner to master, with several stages along the way unlocking new levels of each skill. These goals are set at 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100.

How to choose your attitude

The next segment of your build focuses on benefits that serve to fill gaps caused by your attributes and abilities or provide additional bonuses.

The attitude is, in essence, a kind of role that you have in society and is identified in the character creation menu with a phrase that summarizes its usefulness in the game. For example, Mascot of the ball batting team provides a bonus in Inspiration or Junior Grade Medical Technician provides a bonus in Medicine.

In order to choose the best Aptitude, one must first examine the pros and cons of the chosen abilities and attributes. If you realize that what you've chosen takes something away from other aspects that we want to develop later in the game, you'll need to choose the Attitude that allows you to complete the build without any major malus.

Now, however, the most important moment has arrived: distribute Attributes, Skills and Attitude to create the best builds of The Outer Worlds .

Below, let's see what the best builds are based The Outer Worlds on attributes, skills, attitude, and any bonuses and malus that could result.

The Outer Worlds | The Best Build

The Loquacious Gymnast

A construction that emphasizes perception, dexterity and intelligence. All accompanying skills only increase these attributes, making it the perfect type of build for peaceful runs.


Strength: average
Dexterity: high
Intelligence: good
Perception: high
Charm: Good
Temperament: average

Attitude: no recognizable attitude


One-handed melee: Level 13
Two-handed scrum: Level 6

Guns: level 100
Long firearms: level 100
Heavy weapons: level 90

Dodge: level 20
Block: level 13

Persuasion: level 100
Lie: Level 60
Intimidation: level 82

Stealth: Level 13
Hacking: level 12
Breaking and entering: Level 20

Medicine: level 9
Science: Level 12
Engineering: level 13

Inspiration: level 9
Determination: level 9

The Blitz

Similar to the previous build, this one puts even more emphasis on intelligence and perception, integrating the entire build with various advantages that increase the speed of the character, making it a very powerful build.


Strength: below average
Dexterity: high
Intelligence: very high
Perception: very high
Charm: medium
Temperament: below average

Attitude: no recognizable attitude


One-handed melee: Level 10
Two-handed scrum: Level 0

Guns: level 100
Long firearms: level 60
Heavy weapons: level 50

Dodge: Level 60
Block: level 42

Persuasion: level 100
Lie: level 50
Intimidation: level 50

Stealth: Level 42
Hacking: level 50
Burglary: Level 50

Medicine: level 22
Science: level 25
Engineering: level 22

Inspiration: level 40
Determination: Level 50

Quiet Speaker

The power of words! With this build, you can stun your enemies with speech without getting lost in unnecessary arguments that end in blood.


Strength: good
Dexterity: average
Intelligence: good
Perception: below average
Charm: very high
Temperament: high

Aptitude: Assistant Scientist, Level 0, Class A


One-handed melee: Level 9
Two-Handed Melee: Level 16

Guns: level 50
Long Guns: Level 50
Heavy weapons: level 100

Dodge: Level 3
Block: level 9

Persuasion: level 50
Lie: level 50
Intimidation: level 100

Stealth: Level 33
Hacking: level 41
Burglary: Level 23

Medicine: level 100
Science: Level 60
Engineering: level 60

Inspiration: level 25
Determination: level 20

Pure muscles

This build allows you to put more emphasis on hand-to-hand combat and melee damage, this build sacrifices intelligence for absurd physical power.


Strength: very high
Dexterity: good
Intelligence: below average
Perception: good
Charm: medium
Temperament: high

Aptitude: Vice sous chef


One-handed melee: Level 46
Two-handed scrum: Level 100

Guns: level 12
Long firearms: level 6
Heavy weapons: level 21

Dodge: Level 41
Block: level 100

Persuasion: level 35
Lie: level 45
Intimidation: level 80

Stealth: Level 20
Hacking: Level 7
Burglary: level 16

Medicine: level 10
Science: Level 3
Engineering: level 16

Inspiration: level 50
Determination: Level 100

Not a person of the people

This is a very balanced build that should overcome most situations, both with cunning and indomitable strength. However, it is deficient in social interactions. You won't have all the options for dialogue.


Strength: high
Dexterity: high
Intelligence: good
Perception: very high
Charm: below average
Temperament: below average

Aptitude: Medical Technician, Junior Grade


One-handed melee: Level 100
Two-Handed Melee: Level 40

Guns: level 100
Long firearms: level 46
Heavy weapons: level 50

Dodge: level 100
Block: level 45

Persuasion: level 26
Lie: level 20
Intimidation: level 30

Stealth: Level 40
Hacking: level 36
Burglary: Level 50

Medicine: level 6
Science: Level 6
Engineering: level 15

Inspiration: level 40
Determination: level 36

These are the best builds The Outer Worlds that the guide recommends. Obviously, the attributes and skills are so many that the number one advice we give you is to experiment, the combinations can be almost infinite.

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