Battletoads NES cheats and codes

Battletoads it is a popular fighting video game scrolling developed and published by Rare in 1991 for Nintendo Entertainment System.

The game was later converted da Mindscape also for Amiga, SEGA Mega Drive and SEGA Game Gear. Battletoads has also been converted for the Game Boy as Battletoads in Ragnarok's World and is also available for Xbox One, being included in the Rare Replay collection. The game is basically based on the mechanics and dynamics of Double Dragon, one of the most famous scrolling fighting games of the 80s.
Its difficulty is very high and for this reason we want to offer you some useful tricks. It must be remembered that this title was one of the last to have really been successful for NES, which in 1991 was already on the wane.

At the home screen, hold Down + A + B and press Start to get 5 extra lives in the next game.

When you start the game, quickly headbut the psycho pig on the left and the pig on the right, then proceed to the area where the Walkers appear and you should see a platform and a pulsating warp. Jump in quickly!

In level 3, in the last section of the motorcycle race (the one where the walls come very fast) crash into the 10th wall: it should be a warp that takes you to level 5.

Start a 2 player game and beat Zitz until his lives are exhausted. when you have the opportunity to continue, don't do it and play Rash normally until the game over comes. Then press Start on controller 2 and play with Zitz. Repeat the operation, in doing so you will have more than 3 Continues per game.

Battletoads - NES

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