Battletoads in Battlemaniacs SNES passwords and tricks

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs it's a platform / fighting game genre released in 1993 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System da Tradewest. This is the sequel to Battletoads.

The story of the game begins with Toads visiting therehe Gyachung-La fortress in northern Tibet, where the Psicone Corporation is experimenting with a new secret weapon, the TRIPS. Suddenly a servant of the Dark Queen and his partner Silas Volkmire, emerge from nowhere and kidnap Michiko Tashoku (daughter of the CEO of the Psicone Corporation, Yuriko Tashoku) and Zitz.
The remaining Battletoads set out in pursuit of the Gamescape, to rescue the two prisoners and stop the evil plans of Volkmire and Dark Queen before they take over the world.

In Battletoads in Battlemaniacs you can control Pimple or Rash - both have attack combo that allow you to clean up your enemies.

The video game has a cartoon graphics, with weapons of disproportionate size but made on purpose to look (and they succeed!) excessive. Unlike the predecessor and the arcade version, starting from the third level onwards the game degenerates and loses quality, at least in our opinion, becoming in practice a racing game with little appeal. However, his remains very high difficulties.


To get the super jump press UP, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, B and START at the title screen.

When you start the game you will see the word “Tradewest Presents” appear. The following code must be entered immediately after this but before the title screen appears.

Press and hold A, B and DOWN, then press START to start with 5 Lives and 5 Continuous, 2 more than normal.

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs - SNES


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