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In Battlefield 1 there are not many weapons, it is true, but the variety is still good and it is really difficult not to find even a rifle suitable for our needs. The system for unlocking weapons and developing the class, however, is a bit complex and we think it's worth clarifying the point. Things have changed since previous chapters in the series, so newcomers may be a little disoriented when faced with war titles, unlocking systems and character development.

The ultimate arsenal

As we've said in our previous guides Battlefield 1 , it has a rather rigid class structure, and by going to your Soldier screen you'll find all the statistics related to medic, assault and so on. In this particular section of the menu, however, you can also see the weapons of each class with, at the bottom right, the various statistics (damage with and without sight, range ...). Of course there are exclusive weapons for each class, so don't hope to create the "ultimate soldier" armed with sniper rifles, machine guns and so on.
The weapons on the individual class screens are almost all locked at first, so how do you do it? In order to use them, you must first unlock them and then purchase them - you cannot use a rifle immediately after unlocking them. To make the purchase you must use the war titles that, unfortunately, there are not many: this means that you have to choose carefully which weapons to bet on and on which not, do not hope to unlock the whole arsenal quickly because it will not be so.
The only way to get war titles is to level up by playing, winning games and spending hours and hours on Battlefield 1 , after each pass 90 titles are credited and considering that a weapon on average costs 200...

Can you take it on trial?

But how can you be sure that a weapon is valid, thus avoiding throwing away your sweaty titles? In the game there is not a trial period or a preview system that actually allows you to test a weapon in the field before you buy it, the single-player campaign is great in this sense because it allows you to try many different rifles completely free but, of course, the impact of a weapon in the multiplayer is completely different so don't get too caught up in the enthusiasm. Also the statistics at the bottom right can be very useful, the figures are quite accurate and we have virtually never happened to try weapons with a range or damage lower than that reported.
As we said in Battlefield 1 there is (unfortunately) no preview system, but you can always rely on the experience of other players. For the assault class, for example, we recommend the SMG 1918, especially the light infantry version available after reaching the third level. The various weapons, in fact, are not all available immediately: many can only be purchased after reaching a certain level according to the progression system designed by the boys of DICE.
Of course the speech we have made so far referring to rifles, machine guns and pistols can also be extended to the various accessories that we can attach to the weapon (bayonets for example), grenades and explosives, special tools (bait covers) and, more generally, to all equipment. The road to create your perfect soldier is long and made of battles, do not forget that the game allows you to create multiple sets to choose from through the quick selection in battle. It is very important to be prepared with more models suitable for different needs: only then you will not waste time once in the field and you can be really useful to the team.
Talking about a definitive set is practically impossible since the perfect equipment for one user could be terrible for another: each class can be used in very different ways, so you have to be the one to understand which instruments are actually the most suitable for your style... Do you want to become an anti-tank? Jump on the explosives! Do you want to be an almost invisible sniper? Use covers! It's up to you.

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