Battlefield 1 - Guide: Tips for Geginners

Battlefield 1 can be really complicated in multiplayer, acting rashly you end up dying over and over again without contributing in any way to victory. There are many difficulties that a beginner has to overcome, but we assure you that with a little patience and attention you can get great results.

Today, therefore, we propose this guide with ten tips for less experienced players, basic principles to keep in mind during your games to avoid a glorious end.

1 - First the defense, then the attack

We are not talking about Gears of War, we are aware of it, but in the huge maps proposed in Battlefield 1 there are many covers, more or less solid shelters that can guarantee you a minimum of defense against enemy assaults. Launch the assault blind and open field is very often equivalent to suicide, snipers generally always keep an eye on the clear areas of the map and do not wait for anything else. Use trees, buildings, rocks, whatever you want: as long as there is something between you and the enemy's rifle.

2 - What a beautiful house... now it's gone.

Battlefield 1 Like all the chapters of the series, it allows you to level a large part of the map. It is not simply an option designed to increase the beauty of the clashes, if you want you can (and should) use it to your advantage. This advice is of course somehow related to the first: if the enemy is well perched in defense do not waste too much time looking for unlikely head shots or impossible bypasses ... Throw explosives, disintegrate the cover and let him out in the open. Of course this tactic is only possible in certain cases, but grenades are absolutely essential and the sooner you learn how to use them the better.

3 - Wars are not won in a day

In your first games (especially if on PC) the opponent players will seem very fast: often and willingly you will not even in time to take aim and you will already be dead. In this case don't worry too much: it takes some time to get to know the weapons, to adjust the sensitivity of sticks or mouse and, above all, to learn how to use the blessed minimap in the corner of the screen. After a few hours, things generally improve and you go from being cannon fodder to being almost useful soldiers.

4 - Hell and back

You just died, what to do in these cases? Simple: before you immediately jump to the loading screen, take a second or two to see if there are any allied doctors around you. The purpose of that particular class is to give you proper support, but your allies can't do their job if you immediately jump to the next screen. So stay calm and dead for a while.

5 - Do not mock the assault. Never.

In Battlefield 1 engineers are not present, but as we said in our guide to basic classes there is a class that can counteract the vehicles: the assault. If in your team there is not even an assault able to use grenades, dynamite or cannons in a decent way you have already lost, so take a few games to experiment ... The first few times you may fail, but in the long run you will be very useful to the team.

6 - Follow orders

In Battlefield 1 the players are divided into teams and each team has a leader. The purpose of the leader is, of course, to give orders to lead the team to victory, so it is essential that you do what you are told. Don't roam the maps like lone wolves, don't regenerate miles away from your teammates, don't get caught up in the frenzy of wanting to do everything on your own: in Battlefield 1 or you win all together or you lose all together, so respect the hierarchies (if the boss is a bad one you are ruined, at least for the moment).

7 - Forget the horses

When a player sees a large horse coming at him with a madman wielding a sword, the first thing he usually does is shoot the larger target. This is a mistake, since the horse's waist points are higher (and not just a little) than the rider's. If possible, therefore, aim directly at the enemy by taking a few seconds (and a few more risks).

8 - Do not throw your money

When you level up in-game, you Battlefield 1 get some currency to spend on weapons, upgrades and gadgets. The money at your disposal is not and never will be much, so we strongly advise you not to be too impulsive: if possible initially invest most of your resources on your favorite class, forget about pilots or cavalry (at least in the early stages).

9 - Do not underestimate the syringe

Doctors often and willingly forget that they have at their disposal a special weapon for close combat: the syringe. Stinging your enemies you can make them collapse quickly, the ideal of course would be to get behind your targets but this is not always possible.

10 - Don't give up

Battlefield 1 at the moment has some problems too: the hitboxes are not too precise, the loadings are a bit too long, the management of the teams is not optimal ... The game, however, has good potential so, if you are a beginner, please do not give up and do not get frustrated. In time the problems will be solved and you can go back to kill after kill.

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