Battle Master - Sega Mega Drive bonuses and cheats

Battle Master it's a adventure fantasy video game 1990 designed by Mike Simpson and Simon Jones and distributed by Mirrorsoft to Sega Mega Drive.

The videogame is precisely a fantasy adventure in which the player controls a hero who must challenge evil forces and conquer four kingdoms, joining the four pieces of the king's crown, in order to restore peace to the world.
After an era of conflict between the races of humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs, who have destroyed cities and impoverished the lands, the mysterious Watcher arrives and takes up residence in the Tower. He delivers a prophecy about a hero from the south who is able to unify populations and unite the crowns of kings. Battle Master is an isometric top down action / adventure game.

After choosing your race and class - warrior, merchant, archer or wizard, in Dungeons & Dragons style - the player is taken to the map. For each area you decide to explore, it is mandatory to defeat at least 75% of the enemy forces if you want to proceed. Up to four followers can be hired, to whom orders and orders of various kinds can be given. The only way to proceed on the map is to kill at least three quarters of the enemies on a screen

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