Batman: The Movie - Commodore 64 passwords and codes

Batman: The Movie, also known simply as Batman, is a video game which is clearly inspired by the 1989 film, which stars the masked hero of Gotham City.

The game came out in the same year, 1989, either to Commodore 64 that for numerous other home computers; the C64 version, however, was particularly noteworthy and was honored by Zzap! with an excellent score of 96% and with the gold medal. The videogame faithfully reproduces the unfolding of the film and boasts five levels, each set in a different place. We propose them below.

The Axis Chemical Plant: Batman battles villain Jack Napier's henchmen inside the AXIS chemical factory, only to face Napier himself and drop him into the chem pool, transforming him into the Joker.
The Batmobile: Batman and Vicki Vale, aboard the Batmobile, whiz towards the Batcave, trying to avoid the other cars of the citizens of the street.
Chemical Analysis: here Batman tries to decipher the combination of products that Joker uses for his poison: the Smilex.
Gotham City Carnival: Batman, aboard the Batwing, must cut the ropes of Smilex's inflated parade balls to avoid a massacre of the citizens.
Gotham City Cathedral: the final battle between Batman and Joker takes place on the roof.

Load or reset the game, then run the following BASIC commands before starting the program.

POKE 4679,173

POKE 4739,173

POKE 4866,173

POKE 4933,173

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