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This is an epic physics-based multiplayer fighting game, easy to play but hard to master. The game was distributed by Frogmind and is available for your Android devices.

Rating: NOTE
Available: Android
Gender: Action
Players: Single player, Multiplayer



Badland Brawl Trailer + Game Images

Throw your clones onto the battlefield. Master your time and aim and create crazy tactics and devastating chain reactions. Combine dozens of clones in an incredibly tactical attack and take down your opponent’s tower. Here’s the official in-game trailer to help you understand how it works.

Fun, intuitive and unique physics-based gameplay. Create crazy chain reactions to outwit and overwhelm your opponents. Here are some images of the game to get you started.


Tips and tricks for Badland Brawl

Although the first few levels of the game are fairly simple, as we progress through its wonderfully different scenarios we’ll come across new mechanics that will make the gameplay experience much more complex and challenging. That’s why we’ve decided to explain some tricks to you so that you’ll know how to handle the game and succeed in it more easily:

  • Note the combinations: An example of a good combination is a single bomb in the middle of the map and then chaining it to a Big Smith right behind it. The Big Smith will then hit the bomb with his hammer, throwing it directly into the opponent’s tower. Experiment with different commands when launching your attacks. You will be able to do much more damage if you combine it well.
  • Keep an eye on your enemy: When your opponent is preparing an attack, you will be able to see what he is going to throw at you. If they are preparing a Big Smith, then you can counterattack by launching a Fire Birds ready to neutralize that threat. Basically, if you know what they’re going to attack you with, you’ll be one step ahead.
  • Manage your team: While you are playing you will notice that there are clones that are not in your team that you can update. That’s why we tell you to always keep in mind who is in your team and who is not.
  • React or defend yourself: You should either deploy quickly to catch your enemy off guard or wait for your enemy to attack to defend you. This means you should either be quick and decisive or analytical and reactive depending on what is happening. Simply keep your defenses up and continue to build up mana for the next combination of attacks.
  • Improve your eggs: If you happen to find a high quality egg, then we recommend you to improve it. This means that at the very least you will receive more money from the egg and often even better or more items. If it is a silver or bronze egg then don’t even bother to improve it, just open it.

Free resource generator for Badland Brawl

Although resources are not a major issue in advancing this game, they can give you an advantage in reaching your goal. That’s why we want to recommend you a very useful and reliable resource generator that will generate coins and gems for Badland Brawl for free.

Basic guide to start playing Badland Brawl

The Badland Brawl game is a very intuitive game adapted for all audiences, although it can sometimes seem a little frustrating. The game tells you what to do from the start, so there’s not much to lose. However, there are a few basic points you should keep in mind to start playing. Here’s a video of how to play the game, so you’ll find it easy to get started.

Badland Brawl analysis

The Badland Brawl game is a very intuitive game that has adapted very well to all kinds of audiences. It is entertaining and addictive and its gameplay is very simple. Besides, the graphics are wonderful. However, there are some negative points that must also be taken into account. Here is an analysis of this


  • Very visually and graphically pleasing
  • Great variety of objects and creatures to combine
  • Simple but entertaining gameplay


  • There are broken cards.
  • Unbalanced battles

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